Picking Up Stitches: Cast-On or Bound-Off Edges

Picking Up Stitches: Cast-On or Bound-Off Edge


Picking up stitches is a way to add new stitches to an already finished bit of knitting–along the sides for a buttonband, perhaps, or at the neckline for a collar. You can add stitches to any edge: a cast-on edge, a bound-off edge, or the side edges.

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Picking Up Stitches From a Slipped-Stitch Row Edge (such as a sock heel flap)

Step 1:

Look at the edge. See how the top row of stitches look like little V's?

Holding a needle in your right hand, insert needle from front to back into one of the V's in that top row of stitches.



Step 2:

Wrap the working yarn around the needle as you would with any knit stitch.


Step 3:

Pull yarn and needle through the V.


Step 4:

Insert needle into the V at the top of the next column of stitches.


Step 5:

Wrap yarn around needle as if to knit.


Step 6:

Pull yarn and needle through.


Step 7:

Repeat Steps 4 through 6 for each stitch along the edge.

This is what your stitches will look like when you are done. Notice how each new stitch comes out of a stitch from original edge; notice, too, that your new stitches now look just like any other row of knitting!


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