Photography: Take your photos from drab to fab!

Great photography with your smart phone

Jason Mullett-Bowlsby

There’s a saying that a knitting project isn’t really finished until you post a photo of it on one of your social network accounts. And yes, documenting and showing off our knitwear is an important part of the process. But what if you’re not great at photography? And what if you only have your phone camera to work with?

We’ve got the answer:  Our online photography course, iCan Click, with Jason Mullett-Bowlsby! Jason is the co-founder of Shibaguyz Photography. He’s a highly skilled photographer, specializing in portrait, fashion, and especially fiber arts photography.

I’ve met Jason and have taken a class from him and I promise, you will not regret taking this course. I take photos with my iPhone all the time now, and I’m getting better and better results. You will too!

Come and learn the simple techniques you can use to get professional quality photos of your handmade projects with your Smartphone. iCan Click: Professional Quality Photographs of Handmade Items Using Smartphones and Tablets will provide you with eight lessons covering topics such as:

  • Intro to Smartphone Use
  • Get to Know Your Smartphone Camera
  • How to Manage Light and Other Useful Tools
  • Composition, Creativity, and Personal Style
  • Lightboxes, Swoops,  and Backgrounds
  • Editing Your Photos
  • File Types, Sizing, and Storage

This class is for knitters who want to showcase their work in the best way possible. With the availability of excellent quality cameras on smartphones and tablets, professional quality photography is possible, even for those just starting out. This class will help you create photography tools out of common objects (like a paper cup!) and use them to produce great images.

Here’s Jason with something fun and easy—a cool way take selfies using your headphones. It’s a great way to take pictures of yourself modeling your knitwear!

Your phone camera can become one of your best knitting tools! Let Jason teach you the skills you need to document your knitting journey beautifully.

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