Photo Shoots: When it rains, it pours

The Gilt Sweater by Emma Welford

Merry Christmas, knitters! I hope your shopping is done and you're spending time with family and friends, drinking eggnog and maybe even knitting in front of the fire.

It's almost impossible to start thinking about spring, but there's always a new season on the horizon! And with a new season, comes new knitting magazines. The Spring 2014 issue of Knitscene is out, and the project that caught my eye is The Gilt Sweater by Emma Welford, It's is beautiful in its simplicity—from the ombre color of the yarn (the bottom of the sweater is the solid gold of the darker color in the middle), to the lovely lace detail at the neck, to the stylish decreasing from elbow to wrist, this one went straight to the queue.

I know you'll love peeking in on spring, even on Christmas Eve, so here's editor Amy Palmer to tell you all about the new issue!

Spring is coming . . .

Photo shoots are my favorite thing about working on Knitscene. Getting to take these collections I've been working on with the help of our incredible designers, our talented project editors, and Louisa (the Robin to my Batman), and placing the projects in context is a joy and a reward—even when those photo shoots aren't the easiest days. We've been so fortunate—our photography crew is amazing; our models are always charming—but sometimes, sometimes, the days seem intent on going awry.

For the Spring 2014 issue, shot over two days at the end of a mild September, the situational hazards were grim.

It rained for more than half of our outdoor day. And when I say "rained," I mean "poured down buckets of rain," the likes of which I haven't seen since I left the East Coast. Our Gold Dust Woman story was mostly shot with umbrellas held over the models and photographers. But the rainy haze created soft, ethereal light for both our golden projects and golden-girl Bristol Ivy's designer collection.

Clockwise from top left: Valor Socks by Mone Dräger, Aurelia Cowl by Hilary Smith Callis,
Coburn Pullover by Bristol Ivy, Agamenticus Shawl by Bristol Ivy

The next day I asked our photography crew to create crazy lighting schemes for both the Game On and In Stereoscope stories.

Clockwise from top left: Ashley Tee by Tanya Wade, Chiroscope Clutch by Allison Jane, Katey Cowl by Laura Hulslander, Voxel Tee by Quenna Lee

Even though some of these schemes seemed complicated and challenging, the team rose to the occasion and created marvelous images, which erase the pain of those days from my mind and instead fill me with joy. The joy comes from knowing that so many people, from submissions call to press day, working so hard, created an issue so special. I'm in love with this issue of Knitscene, and I hope you find joy in these pages, too.

—Amy Palmer, Editor, Knitscene

As always, there are so many fab patterns in this issue of Knitscene! Get your copy now (also available as a digital download!) and cast-on; your project will be ready to wear when spring comes your way.


P.S. Are you done with your Christmas prep yet? Leave a comment and weigh in. I have just a couple of gifts to wrap, and then I'm done!

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