Photo Shoot: Knits in Philadelphia, Winter 2008 issue

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This video is a behind-the-scenes on the Interweave Knits Winter 2008 shoot – check out how we captured some of the shots you’ll see in the magazine.

The cast of characters:

  • There’s Beth, the stylist, who pulls together outfits for each knit and stands by during shooting to keep things tucked in or hanging right, as the case may be. Beth takes my ideas on outfits for each piece and overall aesthetic for each story, and assembles textures and colors that showcase the knits and set a mood.
  • Katie, the makeup artist, provides a little finishing polish. We like a very natural, fresh look, but a little bit here and there can go a long way towards making the camera see the world as vibrantly as we do.
  • The photographer’s assistant, Nelson (you may have seen him modeling mittens in our Fall issue, too!), works some kind of magic by which he simultaneously moves equipment, holds reflectors, tests light rigs, does a thousand other things, and still keeps all of us loose and laughing.
  • Kate and Crystal, our lovely models, are infinitely patient and very good-humored about the strange spotlight we put them in. Kate’s a painter, and Crystal owns a music shop on Philadelphia’s South Street – they’re everyday people we know from real life, very down to earth, and they’re secretly (I think) amused by the whole thing.
  • Lisa, Senior Editor on Knits and Editor of knitscene, keeps everything moving. She manages the shot list, makes sure people are getting dressed or undressed on schedule, handles all the logistics of model releases and so forth, and keeps us on time.
  • Amanda, our photographer, and I are practically one person during the twenty hours of shooting that go into each issue. We start with the overall look and feel for each story, and eventually work our way down to specifics like the lighting, the spots for each shot, props, poses, and actions. We work together to make sure each shot showcases the interesting knitting stuff, but is visually compelling as well – we’re rarely more than a couple feet apart while we’re shooting, and while we sometimes play tug-of-war, we push each other and work hard to capture a picture of the knitting life – a look, a feel, a mood, that we think you, the readers, will be drawn into. 


–Eunny Jang, editor

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