Philosophy of Yarn Storage

Where do you store your yarn stash?

Up until a few weeks ago, my yarn collection lived in a disorganized manner inside of two oversized reusable grocery bags, on the floor beneath my sewing machine desk. I'm proud to say now that this is a storage method of the past. My yarn has moved to a beautiful wooden cabinet, on display behind the cabinet's glass doors. 

My desire to store my yarn while simultaneously putting it on display comes from a place I believe lives within most knitters, crocheters, and lovers of yarn in general. What thrill comes from perusing one's local yarn shop, with or without intent to make a purchase, and taking in all the aesthetic and sensual appeal in that environment. We move swiftly from simply looking to touching . . . everything. Greens, blues, and purples live peacefully side by side on the tall shelves; alpaca blends here, cotton over there, and sock yarns somewhere in between. My thought process is, if I'm going to keep a somewhat-substantial yarn collection, I want to mimic the LYS and harness that appeal on a smaller scale, in my home.

Being the dreamer I am, I began my search by seeking inspiration via Pinterest. I realized I was being pulled to big wooden cabinets and hutches that were either open or had glass doors. My favorite cabinet was a simple book case with a glass door for each shelf to keep dust off its contents.

I headed to multiple websites – Ikea, Pier One, Target, and Craigslist – to look through furniture and see if I could find anything close to what I wanted. I resolved that I would probably need to save up some money to get something I truly wanted and that would be a quality, long-lasting piece of furniture. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long.

A few weeks ago, project editor Holly Priestley sent me an email emblazoned with the subject line "I FOUND IT!!!" The email contained a link to a Craigslist ad for a book case that was essentially identical to the one I had found on Pinterest. The seller lived right by the office, and wanted to sell the cabinet for $45. I jumped on the opportunity and purchased the cabinet that same day. To my delight, it fit oh-so-perfectly inside of my teeny tiny car, which to me was an obvious sign from the universe that this was Meant To Be. (Thank you, Holly!)

Perfect fit. Thank you, universe! Yarn cabinet of my dreams.

The moment I brought it home and into the living room, before even putting the cabinet in place, I felt compelled to fill it with my yarn in a haphazard rainbow. For the next few days I found myself staring at the cabinet and its contents for long periods of time without even realizing it. The cabinet allows me to just sit and enjoy my yarn stash for what it is – but it also lets me grab any skein from my collection I need at the moment, without having to completely go through a full bag of yarn, or dig behind a bunch of closet mess. It's beautiful and accessible. All I need.

Do you obsess about your yarn stash and where to keep it, like I have been? Do you prefer more simple and practical means of storing, such as plastic storage bins? How do you keep it organized – by color, fiber content, company, or another way? Do you have any yarn storing and/or organizing tips for someone who isn't quite sure what to do with their copious amounts of yarn? 

Until next time, Knitting Daily friends, happy knitting (and yarning) to you!

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