Petite Feet

Knit a group of socks for babies with this free sock knitting

by Interweave Staff

Yarn 100–300 yards (90–275 m) for child sizes. Exact amount will depend on sock size and yarn gauge.

The following sock pattern comes from Ann Budd’s The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns (Interweave, 2002) and is a choose-your-own-ending formula. Determine the finished size of your sock and the gauge (based on your yarn and needles); then follow the instructions using the correct numbers from each table. You can use the basic pattern here to work a plain sock with a ribbed cuff or integrate the directions with the following five “recipe” patterns. Each recipe lists the materials needed for that sock design, then directs you how to work the sock by referring back to the basic pattern.

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