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DotDotDot Cowl. Get the kit!

There’s something so inviting about polka dots. They’re so . . .  happy. Is that possible? Perhaps they just make me happy.

So I was really happy to see Mari Chiba’s DotDotDot Cowl in the fall issue of knit.purl. It’s a statement piece, with its large, colorful dots against a beautiful gray background.

DotDotDot is knit in a tube, which makes it thick and cozy, and there’s no wrong side, just knit knit knit, dot dot dot. The dots are worked in the stranded colorwork technique, with three different sizes of dots.

What makes this knit cowl pattern really stand out is the yarn. It’s knit with Freia Semi-Solid Worsted (100% wool) in charcoal as the main color, and Freia Ombré Worsted (100% wool) in South Beach as the contrasting color.


Here’s a little bit about Freia Yarns, from the company owner and expert dyer, Tina Whitmore:

“The yarn I use is soft and lofty (or smooshy as I prefer to call it). It has a wonderful rustic character to it, without the itch. In our Flux self-striping yarn, the balls begin and end in the same color, making it simple to just keep knitting on a bigger project without having to dig to match colors from ball to ball (and waste yarn in the process). The Ombré yarns have gorgeous extra-long gradients and our semi-solids give a knitter enough flexibility to combine all sorts of colors in a project.

I love what I do; I feel like a kid in a candy store. I get to play with color, I get to knit and design with yarn whose color I’ve created and dyed from scratch. Short of owning my own sheep, this may be the next best thing!”

I have several balls of Freia Yarn, and it’s amazing to work with. The colors are simply stunning, and it knits up beautifully. I think it’s just a wonderful yarn choice for this cowl.

Get your DotDotDot Cowl Kit today, before they sell out!

P.S. What sort of knitting designs make you happy? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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