Perfect One Skein Knitting Projects to Give as Gifts

One-Skein Knitted Gifts to GiveI hate to say this, but there are only three months until Christmas. Which means you probably fall into one of three camps: you’re almost done with your gift knitting, you’ve at least made a list of your gift-knitting recipients, or you’ve realized the futility of trying to knit things for everyone on your list with only three months to spare.

I most certainly fall into that third category. The fact that most people on my gifting list live in warm climates doesn’t add any sense of urgency. But if I was filled with the need to knit gifts for my family, I’d want things that were fairly simple, could be knit fast, and if possible, could be one skein knitting projects that would maximize yarn in my stash without requiring buying more skeins.

Our Perfect One-Skein Knitted Gifts to Give pattern collection is exactly what I would want for gift knitting this season.  There’s six knitted accessory patterns in this collection and something for everyone on my list.

I’d knit Sarah Jordan’s Corbusier Socks for my mom. Her feet are frequently cold and she likes knitted socks, but doesn’t want anything too bulky or textured. The arching lace pattern all over the leg and top of the foot of these socks is perfect. And I have a good amount of solid or semi-solid sock yarn in my stash; I’m sure I can find something in her favorite colors.

Corbusier Socks made great knitted gifts!

I think my brother would really love Rose Beck’s Speer Cap. The combination of knits and purls with traveling stitches is subtle but still interesting. I love it in a bright color, and I think my brother would too, but for some of the other men in my life, I might choose a more muted worsted weight yarn.

Make several Speer Caps for knitted gifts this holiday season!

Mandy Moore’s Emily Shawl would be perfect for my grandmother. Worked side to side in a simple lace repeat, I’d choose a skein of a luxurious sock yarn that would feel great next to the skin—probably in a nice medium blue color, as my grandmother looks great in blue.

Emily Shawl from Perfect One Skein Knitted Gifts to Give

The Arc Mittens by Peggy O’Grady are great for my cousins. These super simple mittens are worked in a bulky weight yarn and quite roomy—you do need a second skein to knit the larger size of these mittens, but the smaller size has a 9″ hand circumference, which would fit most of my cousins with no problem. I’d just have to find a few skeins of a bulky weight yarn in a variety of colors and go! The hard part would be choosing the TV show to watch while working on them.

The Arc Mittens are perfect knitted gifts for anyone!

I think my violin teacher would love Gretel’s Mittens by Allison Haas. These highly textured mittens would protect her hands from the elements while also looking tres chic with their twisted stitch lattice patter and slanted cuff. Plus the faux buttons, made by working small bobbles in a row, just add a touch of elegance to these worsted weight mittens.

Gretels Mittens Perfect from One Skein Knitted Gifts to Give

Finally, Meg Swansen’s Proverbial Cap would be the perfect gift for …me! I’ve been in love with this close-fitting knitted hat since it first appeared in an issue of Interweave Knits and it’s finally available to buy in our store, so clearly, the signs are pointing to knitting a gift for myself. I just love how the twisted stitches flow into helix and knot patterns for a structured, heritage knitting–inspired look. I’m sure I have a nice springy DK weight yarn in my stash that would be perfect for this cap.

Proverbial Cap from Perfect One Skein Knitted Gifts to Give

Whoever you have on your gift-knitting list, one of these six one skein knitting projects is sure to make them happy. Especially since you’ll be knitting it, and who doesn’t love a handknitted gift at the holiday season! Download these six knitting patterns today to get started, or finish up, your gift knitting this season.


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