Which Knitting Needles Are Right for You?

|Sponsored| Using the right tool for that very special pattern might be a bit of a knitter’s dilemma, but if you’ve ever used a set of addi® circulars, you know that these needles have the ability to make your knitting a smooth exercise in efficiency.

Our own Joni Coniglio, Senior Project Editor and Master Knitter (we refer to her as “The Great Graftsby”, if that is any indication of her knitting prowess), has high praise for addiClick needles. “I find addi® circulars to be really smooth and easy, the stitches slide off with no problem. What I like also is that the cable is very flexible, making these even more of a pleasure to work with.”

In her role at Interweave, Joni is deeply familiar with the concept of “deadline knitting” and attests to the speed for which the addiClicks are known. “If I’m facing a deadline, the Turbo Rockets are my first choice.”

addi® needles

Expert knitter Lisa Shroyer worked with the folks at Skacel to develop the exclusive addi Turbo Rockets fixed circular set a few years ago, and she is still a devoted fan, “I love working with metal needles, since I work with a lot of toothy wool. When stitched using metal, wool glides like a dream. This means I’m not constantly tugging on my work to make the stitches progress along the needle.”

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