People are talking about Knitscene Spring!

Knitscene Spring 2014 hit the newsstands last week, and this week I've rounded up a few blog posts about the issue. Most of them are from designers, and I love these kinds of blogs–getting a peek at the designer's inspiration is just really cool to me.

Corrina Ferguson, our featured designer, talked a bit about her designer collection on her blog, along with a quick glance at TNNA. I was wearing her Sugar Grove Shawl one day at TNNA and threatened frequently that I was never taking it off.

From the Primary Values story, Adriana Hernandez and Sarah Hurwitz wrote about the Laren Mitts and Oud Tank, respectively, and Julia Farwell-Clay shares her Shakespearean inspiration for the Van Doesburg Pullover. 

The Kelbourne Woolens blog featured Courtney Kelley's Baskerville Tank. I also wore Megi Burcl's J. Watson Shawl at TNNA and don't think I've ever had more people come up and pet my yarn-covered arms in my life. 

And in the Bejeweled story, Allyson Dykhuizen wrote about the Fire Opal Tee, Julie LeFrancois talked in-depth about the Lazulum Tank, and Kerri Blumer showed her original idea for the Amazonite Tank. 

There's a lot to love (I may be biased) about this issue of Knitsceneget your copy today!

Happy knitting!

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