Pendleton Project Bag: The Envy of Knitters and Non-Knitters Alike

Greetings from Interweave’s resident Pendleton addict. I was finally able to take home my second Pendleton Needle Case after many long months of waiting for its release. In the meantime, I’ve been working behind the scenes on the second collaboration between Pendleton Woolen Mills and Interweave Knits—the Pendleton Project Bags.

I am honestly more excited about these than the needle cases, and here’s why: although I love my needle cases, I don’t generally need to tote around a bundle of circular needles. Unless I am going to my local yarn shop or the yarn storage closet at Interweave to swatch a new project, I generally leave my needle cases at home, on display, on a very visible shelf.

On the other hand, a project bag goes with me everywhere—quite literally. Since we finalized the prototype, the sample bag has never left my side. It’s been with me to the movies, pubs, work, home, photo shoots, conferences, meetings, on planes, trains, and automobiles. When I don’t want to carry a purse and a knitting bag, this Pendleton bag becomes my catchall. I’ve never been a knitting accessory person, but this bag is so much more than a project bag.


Patio knitting and pickled pilsner drinking at The Forge Publick House in Fort Collins, CO. From my Instagram @meggospurls. Sorry, this print was for prototype samples only. #sadtrombone

Several months ago, our editorial director of books, Kerry Bogert, visited the Fort Collins office when Lisa Shroyer and I were playing around with samples. Kerry saw the colorful prints from my office doorway and walked right in. And I’m so happy that she did. Kerry is an exceptional knitter, and she’s got all the knitting goods that go along with that expertise—including many project bags. She took one look at the flat, square prototype and said, “Why don’t you add a gusset? It will give you more room, and the bag will stand up when it’s full.” Lisa and I took one look at each other and went, “Duh!” Kerry, you’re a genius. Thank you.


The Pendleton Project Bags come in three gorgeous Native American-inspired prints: Basket Maker Turquoise, Diamond River Black, and Hawkeye Tan.

We added a toggle to the drawstring closure to ensure your knitting, wallet, keys, and lip balm won’t fall out when you’re on the go. The drawstring is long enough to fit around my shoulder, so I can carry it like a purse. And yes, the bag does stand up when it’s full in all its colorful Pendleton glory. It’s definitely an attention-grabber for knitters and non-knitters alike. I’ve already had to fend off several non-knitters who wanted it “just because.” It’s a thrill to see both women and men drool over this bag. Get one for yourself today.

Your Pendleton addict,
—Meghan Babin
Editor, Interweave Knits, knit.wear, Wool Studio

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