Get Your Knitting Needles into Pendleton!

As the years pass, I have found it increasingly difficult to contain and store my scattered knitting needles supplies. They seem to multiply like bunnies when I’m not looking. Several years ago, an experienced and wise knitter told me her secret for needle storage: a worm bait wrap. That’s right, the binder full of plastic sleeves fisherman use to store their live bait. I tootled right on down to one of those stores that sell outdoorsy-people-things and picked up a few (overlooking the ugly neon and nylon exterior). My circular knitting needles had a practical home.

Meanwhile, it’s no secret that I’m obsessed with the Pendleton brand. When I moved to Colorado, I bought one of their classic blankets and designed my entire apartment around said blanket. Yes, I’m committed (or I should be committed). Either way, I love Pendleton.

If you’re not familiar with Pendleton Woolen Mills, it’s a sixth-generation family-owned company based in Pendleton, Oregon. The company began producing woolen goods in 1863, and has since become a respected American heritage brand, known for their iconic woven Native-American trade blankets.

When we were brainstorming new product ideas, I had a “eureka!” moment—combine my obsession with the worm bait wrap. In collaboration with our friends at the Pendleton Woolen Mills, an exciting new product was born: the Pendleton Circular Knitting Needle Case. This is our second round of needle cases (the first round sold-out so quickly we knew we had to make more!), and this time they come in 3 gorgeous Pendleton prints: Coyote Butte Black, Coyote Butte Navy, and Warrior Rock. I own the Coyote Butte Black from the previous batch of cases, but I’ve got my eye on the Coyote Butte Navy for my expanding collection of circular needles.

Our needle cases are built around an easy-to-use binder-style interior. Here’s what they look like, pictured next to the Coyote Butte Navy and Warrior Rock versions.

There are 20 thick plastic storage bags and 2 zipper pockets, 1 on the front flap and 1 on the back. You can keep all of your knitting needles inside, plus notions and whatever else, in the zipper pockets.

Working with knitting needles that circle back on themselves is so irritating. Since the needles are stored in a coil in the Pendleton case, knowing how to straighten them out is a great thing. All of my circular needle cases store needles this way, so I use the hot-water method all the time. I heat up water in a kettle and dunk the cord into the hot water: instantly straight! We featured the Pendleton Needle Case in a recent Yarn Hack to demonstrate how to uncoil your needle cords.

So treat yourself to a beautiful new Pendleton needle case. Get one in Coyote Butte Black, Coyote Butte Navy, or Warrior Rock before they’re gone!

Your Pendleton addict,
Meghan Babin

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