Garment of the Week: Pebble Beach Ruana, Wool Studio Vol. II

Last week, I played dress-up with Hannah Baker, editor of knitscene. It’s one of the pleasures of working at Interweave; there is always a storage room full of beautiful knits to wear. And a friendly photographer willing to indulge us and knock together a sharp set in a few minutes—thanks, George.

We yanked open the bin for Wool Studio Vol. II and pulled out the Pebble Beach Ruana by Amy Gunderson to show you all how many ways you can wear this versatile, transitional garment. Its allover lace fabric with graphic arch motifs along the bottom make for an interesting knit and result in a modern, wearable year-round garment. The Pebble Beach Ruana is made in Fibra Natura Flax, distributed by Universal Yarn; it’s a soft, beautiful DK weight linen, ideal for transitional and summer knits.

In the original photography we showed the Pebble Beach Ruana layered over a hoodie dress—it added unexpected style to a casual, sporty outfit.

Last week, we went for a breezy seaside look for summer. Hannah chuckled when I pulled out the wardrobe for this impromptu shoot. It’s Hamptons chic, which is not exactly her personal style, but she wore it well!

First up, we picked a pair of white linen drawstring pants, a silky button down tank, and Hannah’s favorite summer shoes (let’s be real: her favorite year-round shoes)—Birkenstocks. Both the ruana and Hannah’s freckles brought charm and fun to this classic summer outfit.

I know I was in a small box during this photo shoot, but the second I put on this ruana, I was instantly transported to the beach. Seriously, I think Doc Brown somehow got hold of this thing because I was hearing waves crashing and seagulls. But also, I was pretty hangry so that might have been it. Either way, great garment!  —Hannah

And you can tell by the look on her face in some of the outtakes that she was wondering when our sushi order was going to arrive.

To tide Hannah over, I handed her a cup of coffee—which makes anyone at the Interweave office happy—and she stepped into a simple chambray shirtdress. I personally prefer this ruana over a light dress, whether it be a long linen dress or a shirtdress like this one. Beneficially, this ruana combats the dark, deep freeze of Women’s Winter if you work in a chilly office building like we do.

Thank you to Hannah for modeling at lunchtime. And thank you for spending a few minutes with us—we’re two goofballs who love to laugh and make beautiful things. We hope that we gave you a few styling ideas for a lovely summer knit.

But we want to hear how you would style the Pebble Beach Ruana.

Let us know!

~Meghan Babin, editor

Wool Studio Vol. II: Make it Yours


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