Our Hosts’ Favorite Moments

The Knitting Daily TV hosts are on hiatus right now, that term used in television scheduling to refer to a break between seasons. So we thought it would be a good time to catch up with them and look back at the last three series’ tapings and their favorite memories. Not surprisingly, the recurring theme was those small, behind-the-scenes moments. And it’s true. . . we end up spending many, many hours and days together and with our guests, knitting, crocheting, laughing, sharing ideas, talking about our lives, and eating way too many cookies. The tapings are intense because we work ten- to twelve-hour days and end up spending ninety percent of our time together for an entire week (but at least we like each other)!

Here are some of the hosts’ favorite moments. We’d love to hear yours, too!

Kim: My favorite segment was when Laura Bryant (with Barry Klein) demonstrated how to make order out of color chaos in Series 300. It was brilliant, and one of those things that only works on video. It was wildly fun to tape, too. And another favorite segment was when we hosts and some of the producers modeled different body types in Series 200. That felt pretty awkward but behind the scenes we had a really great time. It was sort of like the final icebreaker for us and we all seemed far more relaxed and familiar with each other after we taped that segment.  Really, the best moments were behind the scenes, getting to know guests I'd never met before or chatting with old friends and colleagues. And of course, Shay bakes cookies for every taping. Homemade “Shay cookies” are the fuel that gets us through a busy, busy week! [View:http://www.knittingdaily.com/themes/nextgen1/utility/ :550:0]

Watch the video of the hosts modeling garments from Tahki Stacy Charles below or over in our videos section of the website:


Liz: Sitting down with Andrea Wong during season three to refresh my Portuguese knitting sills (which I first learned from Abby Franquemont’s father) is just one example of the connections that we make behind the scenes. Abby herself was there, and we had yet to meet in person and swap spinning stories. There are other connections, too, like explaining to the janitor why you need a corner of his storeroom to brew a foul-smelling indigo pot, or the high-fives and the “that-a-girls” shared when you and the guest get off the set, which make you feel like you just scored a goal for the home team. And, it is the grace shared under pressure that really makes the set feel like we are sitting down with you in your living room and talking about the things we all love—yarn and all the things we can make with it.

Shay: One of my favorite moments was interviewing Penny Sitler about TNNA’s involvement in Helping Hands Foundation. Penny was accompanied by several Girl Scouts, who  had set up a needle arts class at their summer camp and had the older scouts teach the younger scouts how to needlepoint. I thought this was inspiring to all young people and it carries on our mission of passing on the needle arts onto a new generation.

Eunny: I think my favorite memories are of talking to guests who are personal knitting idols—not just what you see in the edited segment, but spending time with them in the green room, knitting together, and talking yarn and fiber and stitch. I learned something new—sometimes many new things—during every conversation with a guest, and had a lot of fun. It’s always a great reminder of how powerful and compelling a bond the passion for a craft can be.

What are your favorite Knitting Daily TV moments? Are you looking forward to Series 300? Leave us a comment and let us know what how-to lessons or guests are most memorable for you. And do let us know if there’s anything you want us to teach or demo in Series 400—we go back into the studios in September! 

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