Oui, Oui! Let's Knit Accessories!

Sapphire Toque
Noémie Lace Mitts
Tattoo Shawl

New knitting books start to make an appearance this time of year, and one of Interweave's newest is French Girl Knits Accessories by the French Girl herself, Kristeen Griffin-Grimes.

I've long admired Kristeen; I have several of her individual patterns, written before her first book, French Girl Knits, came out, and I dream of being able to join her on one of the French tours she leads. Now Kristeen has put together a new book, French Girl Knits Accessories!

Knitted accessories are favorites for all of the knitters I know, for several reasons: they're usually quick to knit, they're great stash-busters, they're super gifts, and they add a certain je ne sais quoi to our wardrobe.

Here's Kristeen to share her thoughts about her collection of accessories.

Les Accessories!

Ask any French woman what she considers the most invaluable items in her closet and unfailingly the response is Les Accessoires—The Accessories!

My French friends' scarves, shrugs, gloves, and socks alone would need a Dewey decimal system to catalog them, with names that reflect a more elegant time—écharpe, gilet, châle, cache-coeur, foulard, mitaines, gants, chaussettes, toque, pantoufles, cloche, bonnets, snood—just reading them makes one want to slip on a cache-coeur and sneak out for a martini at an elegant hotel.

In the grand timeline of world history, America is still a young country—brash and unruly as a teenager and trend-driven to the max. Excitingly innovative and scintillating as that can be, our culture suffers (literally) from a diet of excess: food, goods, information—you name it, and you can find it all with one tiny mouse click. The French have generations upon generations of tastemakers from the Sun King to Coco and are well practiced in the art of aesthetics.

What is considered good taste (de bon goût) has been expertly honed over the centuries. This can be described as elegant, curated, refined, effortless, and, most importantly, timeless.

For French Girl Knits: Accessories, I endeavored to create a collection of designs that would tantalize you to pick up your needles and create unique, as well as easy-to-wear, garments—something that would make you feel "well put together," as my mother used to say.

Most are quite simple to work up and make perfect weekend projects, such as the Boheme beret, knitted in satisfyingly bulky yarn or the Gitane cache-coeur, a confection of feathery suri alpaca and merino that is a breeze to knit. Even the more challenging Tattoo inky-hued wrap requires just an extra dose of patience and attention for a "Wow-you-knit-that?" payoff.

Bon tricot and bonne chance in the pursuit of all things wonderful!

—Kristeen Griffin-Grimes, from French Girl Knits Accessories

Get your copy of French Girl Knits Accessories today and start knitting yourself some decidedly French accessories!


P.S. Do you like to knit accessories? What's your go-to pattern? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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