One Little Project, Three New Techniques

Accessories are all the rage lately on Knitting Daily, and for good reason: They're little projects that pack a wallop.

Amy Gunderson's Sideways Argyle Beret is a perfect example of the small project with a big impact. It's a super-stylish knitted hat that's rated intermediate because there are a lot of skills involved. But don't turn away from the project! Even if you don't think you're an intermediate knitter, try this project. You'll learn techniques that will increase your knitting skills; techniques that you'll use all the time in the years to come.

The knitting skills used in this hat are the one-row button hole, Kitchener Stitch, and the invisible provisional cast-on. All three are knitter's staples. Here's a peek at what you'll learn:

Kitchener Stitch
1. Bring threaded needle through front stitch as if to purl and leave stitch on needle.
2. Bring threaded needle through back stitch as if to knit and leave stitch on needle.
3. Bring threaded needle through first front stitch as if to knit and slip this stitch off needle.
4. Bring threaded needle through next front stitch as if to purl and leave stitch on needle.
5. Bring threaded needle through first back stitch as if to purl (as illustrated), slip this stitch off, bring needle through next back stitch as if to knit, leave this stitch on needle.
Repeat Steps 3-5 until no stitches remain on needles.
2- (3-, 4-, 5-)Stitch One-Row Buttonhole
Work to where you want the buttonhole to begin, bring yarn to front, slip one purlwise, bring yarn to back (1). *Slip one purlwise, pass first slipped stitch over second; repeat from * one (two, three, four) more time(s). Place last stitch back on left needle (2), turn. Cast on three (four, five, six) stitches as follows:

*Insert right needle between the first and second stitches on left needle, draw up a loop, and place it on the left needle (3); repeat from * two (three, four, five) more times, turn. Bring yarn to back, slip first stitch of left needle onto right needle and pass last cast-on stitch over it (4), work to end of row.

Invisible (Provisional) Cast-On
Place a loose slipknot on needle held in your right hand. Hold waste yarn next to slipknot and around left thumb; hold working yarn over left index finger. *Bring needle forward under waste yarn, over working yarn, grab a loop of working yarn (1), then bring needle to the front, over both yarns, and grab a second loop (2). Repeat from *. When you're ready to work in the opposite direction, pick out waste yarn to expose live stitches.

You can learn all of these crucial knitting techniques while making the Sideways Argyle Beret! Lots of bang for your buck with this one.

Download your copy of the Sideways Beret from the Knitting Daily Shop and start improving your skills!

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