One, Fun, Done!

One-skein projects are a gift-knitter's delight. Our collection of one-skein accessories, One-Skein Knit Projects, contains seven knitted accessory patterns for socks, hats, and mitts.

You can get all of your gift knitting done from just one source. Here are the patterns:

Top row: Everdeen Beanie, Honor-the-Buffalo Mitts, Brier Toque;
Bottom row: Tulipe Cap, Rick Socks, Palomino Mittens, Mock Cables and Lace Socks

In the Everdeen Beanie, designer Tanis Gray uses a beautiful allover scalloped lace pattern as the central focus. A wide rib section keeps the hat snug against the head. The silk and wool-blend yarn provides crisp stitch definition and knits up into a soft, sturdy fabric that warms your head despite the lacy details.

Instead of letting the hides of buffalo raised for meat go to waste, the folks at Buffalo Gold retrieve the down undercoat and spin it into pure luxury. Despite the rough, shaggy nature of the bison's outer mantle, the down rivals cashmere and qiviut for softness and warnth. A labor-intensive combing and collection process makes the yarn somewhat pricy, but ideal for small projects such as Ann Budd's Honor-the-Buffalo Mitts.

A simple stockinette-stitch hat with an easy-fit ribbed brim is always a welcome gift. The use of a self-striping yarn and the slouchy shaping update this classic shape, which is suitable for a man or a woman. In fact, I'll bet almost everyone on your list would love one of Cecily Glowik MacDonald's Brier Toques.

Kristeen Griffin-Grime's began her design for the Tulipe Hat with the well-known snowdrops lace stitch and endeavored to knit the hat organically from the flower-like crown medallion, freestyling the ensuing lace with yarnovers and decreases. With its earflaps and long ties, Tulipe is a wonderful juxtaposition of fancy and work-a-day.

Cookie A. designed the Rick Socks for her brother, who always had a serious need for speed. These socks evoke aerodynamic racing stripes combining strong diagonal lines with twisted rib. On top of the foot, the pattern intersects itself and changes direction. Right and left socks are mirrored for contoured shaping.

Perfect for keeping fingers toasty while raking leaves or doing other autumnal chores, Elli Stubenbrauch's Palomino Mittens are knitted from a lovely, yet basic, worsted-weight wool. The texture-rich design features a meandering pattern of traveling twisted stitches and cables that show the yarn to its best advantage. A slightly denser-than-recommended gauge ensures durability and warmth.

Ann Budd likes textural patterns, and she especially likes textural patterns that look more complicated than they are to knit. For Mock Cables and Lace socks, she chose a lace pattern that gives the illusion of a wide cable along the front and back of the leg. Then she filled in the sides with a twisted rib to provide elasticity and incorporated her favorite non-cable-needle cable stitches—right twists—along the sides of the center panels.

This is quite a collection of patterns, isn't it? Hop on over to the Knitting Daily Shop and get your download of One-Skein Knit Projects today. With this wonderful group of designs, you'll enjoy knitting your holiday gifts even more this year!


P.S. How are you doing on your gift knitting? I have a couple of things done, but I might call it a day and buy the rest. Leave a comment below share your holiday knitting plans with us!

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