On Your Toes: A New Cast-On

Some people have beautifully pointed feet. I am not one of those people. My feet are pretty straight across at the toe.

Square Toe Cast-On     
The Square Toe Cast-On

Because of this, I make the foot of my knitted socks a little longer and decrease (top-down) or increase (toe-up) more or less at the toe area to make it less pointy.

If you're in the same boat as I am, here's a neat, toe-up cast-on that starts you off with a flatter toe.

The Square Toe Cast-On

     Square Toe Cast-On Figure 1
Figure 1
Square Toe Cast-On Figure 2
Figure 2
Square Toe Cast-On Figure 3
Figure 3

This is an easy but unusual cast-on that wraps around the toes from side to side. Adjust the number of stitches to meet your needs.

Step 1. Provisionally cast on four stitches. Beginning with a RS row, work eight rows in stockinette stitch (Figure 1).

Step 2. Knit one row; do not turn. Rotate work 90° clockwise. With a spare needle, pick up and knit six stitches along left edge (Figure 2).

Step 3. Rotate work 90° clockwise, then knit one row across provisionally cast-on stitches. Rotate work 90° clockwise again and pick up and knit six stitches along right edge (Figure 3)—twenty stitches.

Step 4. To shape toe, increase one stitch from each end of the needle at top and bottom of square; round begins at center top of square (between third and fourth stitches of Needle 1). Rearrange stitches as needed.

—From Sockupied, Spring 2012

There are so many ways to customize your socks. If you're an avid sock knitter, you'll want to subscribe to CraftDaily.com and check out all of the knitting instruction available there, especially Anna Zilboorg's Free Sole Socks: Handknit Socks to Last a Lifetime. It's really amazing.


P.S. Do you prefer knitting socks top-down or toe-up? Leave a comment and let us know. For me, it depends. If I'm worried that I might not have enough yarn, I go for toe-up. But if I fall in love with a specific pattern, I don't really care how it's knit!

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