On Fifteens and Seventeens: A Woolfolk Hygge Collection

Several months ago, just before moving to Colorado, I was presented with several luscious skeins of new, limited edition, Woolfolk Hygge in a variety of colors. The super chunky blend of silk, super baby alpaca and trademarked Ultimate Merino whispered to me and as I walked the streets of New York for a final time. While reminiscing over a life spent in that magical, difficult, complex and formative place a collection of knitwear sprung off my gigantic needles as a love letter to a city I cherish and will always call home.

From On Fifteens and Seventeens: A Woolfolk Hygge Collection, “A Letter from the Editor”:

Wrapped in a thick layer of shining silk, super baby alpaca, and trademarked Ultimate Merino®, a woman I am imagining walks along the icy, cobblestone streets of New York City, or dusts snow from her shoulders in the mountains of Colorado. Maybe that woman is a little like me.

Understandably, this knitwear collection was inspired by my cross-country move from New York to Colorado. I wanted to create a knitwear collection that spun my city roots together with my new, rustic Colorado terrain, so no matter where the pieces were worn, they would be at home.

Each piece of this collection is informed by a place that has meant much to me and has influenced who I am as a knitwear designer and an editor. From my beginnings as an intern at a small publishing house on Wooster Street, to the winding ironwork and cobbled streets of Greenwich Village, to my Astor Place subway stop, these pieces reflect my life. I hope they can become part of yours as well. I’ll wear them in my new Western home this winter, carrying the past with me as I step into the future.

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