Lock Down Your Lace with the Orenburg Warm Shawl

When I think of lace knitting, I usually think of a beautiful shawl or heirloom baby blanket à la Princess Charlotte. But the tradition of this type of knitting goes much deeper than that, with its origins in old-world Europe. From the Shetland Islands to the country of Estonia, there are distinctly different types of historic lace knitting. One of those is Orenberg knitting, and expert Galina Khmeleva is about to take you on a journey through a traditional warm shawl that won’t soon be forgotten.

Here she is, talking about her fascination with this traditional Russian wardrobe staple:

Galina is a wealth of knowledge, and a wonderful teacher! Interweave Instructional Designer Lindsay Smith has worked with Galina before this most recent course release, The Orenburg Warm Shawl Online Workshop. Here’s what Lindsay had to say about her experience:

Galina not only is endlessly knowledgeable about Orenburg lace techniques but she also has a wealth of knowledge on other regional lace knitting traditions and cultures, such as Shetland and Estonian. I felt so lucky to be able to sit down with Galina and look at the similarities and differences between traditions, discussing which came first, why this knitted border is worked from this direction, or what the significance of a goat pattern in lace might be.

I knew that if I was this excited to geek out over a traditional Russian warm shawl and view Galina’s design aesthetic and brilliant skills, others might be too. I’m thrilled to be able to share with you Galina’s stories, kind and patient teaching methods, and knowledge about lace knitting.

One of Galina’s biggest passions is sharing her knowledge and love of Orenburg knitting with others. She and her husband tirelessly travel the country teaching workshops and selling lace yarn, books, magazines, and patterns at knitting conventions and fiber shows. While she loves teaching live workshops and attending events, she admitted to me that she regrets not being able to attend every event or teach every knitter who would like to learn about lace knitting. That is pure passion, if you ask me.

Now I know for sure what my 2019 knitting resolutions will include: take a class from Galina!

You’ll love exploring the rich history of the warm shawl, a Russian knitting staple. Whether you’re a seasoned lace knitter or just starting your journey, The Orenburg Warm Shawl Online Workshop will enrich and inspire you to knit and learn more.


Start the Orenburg Warm Shawl and See Where It Takes You!

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