Nora's Fish

 I wanted to make a cod related stuffed toy for my niece, Nora's first Christmas, because my brother-in-law works in the cod-fishing industry.

Cod are small, plain fish which really look like something Dr. Seuss would draw, so I thought they would make the perfect cute toy, but they don't seem to have inspired many patterns.  So I set out to design my own.  It was the first crochet pattern I've ever written.

I found the design process to be pretty easy, especially as I wanted something cute and cartoony.  I'm very happy with the result.  I was pleased to find how easy it could be to reproduce a shape using crochet.

This pattern takes small amounts of greenish worsted, black worsted, and multicolor novelty yarn, a J hook and polyfill stuffing. You can find the full instructions here:

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