What Are Your 2018 New Year’s Knitting Resolutions?

I never make New Year resolutions; if I see a huge problem with my life, I start working on it immediately. But knitting resolutions? That is something I can get behind. I’ve made some serious boo-boos with my knitting in 2017 and want to challenge myself in the future. Surprisingly, I am not alone! The Interweave staff has shared their 2018 knitting New Year resolutions to inspire us all.

“I will make gauge swatches before I start knitting. And I will probably rip out that swimsuit wrap and start over—it’s so wide the wrap hangs below my butt.”

– Sarah Rothberg
Assistant Editor, Interweave knitting titles

“I do a lot of sweaters with circular yokes or raglan sleeves, and I don’t always check my ROW gauge. It matters a lot on these types of sweaters! Ignore row gauge at your peril!” Here are some tips on Smart Swatching!

– Deb Gerish
Editor, Love of Knitting

“I resolve to put my needles back where I found them. I’m always losing needles, despite having several beautiful needles cases.”

– Kerry Bogert
Editorial Director, Craft Books

“I love the look and feel of brioche, but its complex combos of knits, slips, and a k2togs makes me nervous. In 2018, I plan to tackle brioche knitting and learn its secrets. Also, I will choose projects more consciously. I want to focus on projects that will challenge me, grow my skills, and be useful in my everyday life. Lastly, I vow to take 1 class or go to 1 event per month at my local yarn store. These stores make up the fabric of our fiber community. I plan to be an active participant in my local yarn store’s events and make some new fiber friends along the way.”

– Gus Baxter
Assistant Editor, Interweave knitting titles

Happy New Year!

“My resolution this year is to finish my Killarney Tunic. I’ve been working on it off and on (mostly off, honestly) for over a year, and it’s time to get serious about it. I want to be able to wear it by Christmas 2018!”

– Rachel Koon
Managing Editor, Yarn and Fiber

“I’m beginning to feel great anxiety about my habit of buying yarn that I don’t use! I will use at least 50% of my stash yarns by the end of the year.”

– Joni Coniglio
Senior Project Editor

“One of my New Year knitting resolutions is to spend more time learning about knitwear design and creating my own patterns. I have designed a few things, with the help of others, but this year I plan on learning as much as possible in order to understand the essentials of design. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have created a garment design from start to finish with minimal help (though I am surrounded by many knowledgeable people on this subject).”

– Hannah Baker
Editor, Knitscene

What are your knitting resolutions for 2018? Let us know in the comments!


Fit these kits into your 2018 knitting resolutions!


  1. Emma B at 3:11 pm January 5, 2018

    I resolve to finish my projects in a timely manner instead of waiting months to block them.

  2. Myriam G at 8:20 am January 15, 2018

    I will stop spending so muc time on mundane things like work and housecleaning and devote myself to my knitting… if I only could. Seriously, my resolution is to frog that cardigan and another sweater that I never wear and make new things with the reclaimed yarn.

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