New Season, New Sock Patterns


Electrostatic Lines Socks by Jennifer Raymond

I’ve fallen in love with a pair of socks, the Electrostatic Lines by Jennifer Raymond. They are FABULOUS! The colors, the design, and the fact that they’re knee socks—lovin’ them. Just check out the photo at right. Pretty cool, yes?

Electrostatic Lines are the cover project on the Fall 2015 issue of Sockupied, which is brand spankin’ new. You’ll want to download your copy immediately. Here’s editor Amy Palmer to tell you all about it.

New Season, New Sock Patterns!

One of the things I wanted to do with Sockupied, and specifically the photography of Sockupied, is to display socks in a natural context.

With our spring issue, we photographed the patterns around our managing editor’s home. This time, we took advantage of our location and its proximity to The Loopy Ewe, a combination brick-and-mortar and online yarn store. Who doesn’t love taking their fresh-off-the-needles socks (or even in-progress socks, because it’s easy to do that with sock knitting) to the yarn store to show off your new creation?


Clockwise from top left: Riband Socks (shown in variegated yarn and semi-solid yarn), Gladys Thompson Socks, A Walk in the Woods Socks, Checkers Socks, Hominy Socks

It’s not every day you get to run amok in a yarn store, snapping photos of people wearing socks (while standing on chairs) in front of beautifully organized walls of yarn.

Photographing these six brand new sock patterns in a yarn store seemed a perfect fit. It’s a location that makes sense to knitters, and displaying finished projects to fellow crafters in a yarn store setting is one of the reasons we meticulously weave in those ends.

Reach out to me on Twitter (@AmyPalmerKnits) and share photos of where you’re knitting your socks!

—Amy Palmer, from Sockupied Fall 2015

There’s a sock pattern for everyone in this issue of Sockupied. If you’re a beginner, the Hominy Socks by Marie Godsey are for you. I love that there’s a beginner pattern that’s not plain stockinette! You can stretch your skills a bit and add in an easy stitch pattern to up the difficulty level just a tad.

For lace lovers, there’s Debbie O’Neill’s A Walk in the Woods Socks. Texture and lace combine to form a leaf-inspired design. Beautiful.

Color knitters will appreciate the Electrostatic Lines Socks and Mone Dräger’s Checker’s Socks. Both pairs are worked in the stranded-colorwork method, and both are striking examples of color-knitting design.

The Riband Socks are this issue’s One Sock, Two Ways project. Shown in both a variegated yarn and a semi-solid, you choose what appeals to you—subtle cables or cables that really stand out.

There’s also an exclusive from Kate Atherley’s new book, Custom Socks, which features Kate’s fantastic Gladys Thompson Socks. These socks are inspired by classic Gansey patterns, and they’re gorgeous! There’s both a top-down and a toe-up version, so you can knit one of each and avoid knitting the same sock twice!

Download Sockupied Fall 2015 and start your fall sock knitting today!


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