New Kid in Town

Oh, hello! I’m Hannah, the new assistant editor for Interweave Knits and knit.wear. It’s so nice to meet you, even though I cannot see you. I never dreamed I would ever have a job that required me to write about my hobby, but here I am, writing my first Knitting Daily blog post, and it’s about socks, friends.

But first, to provide some context: I just moved to mountainous Colorado from “flatter than a pancake” Kansas. I’ve been a Kansan all my life, and this is the first time I’ve had to really familiarize myself with a new place. I have also been a very practical person all my life; I’ve never done anything crazy and I don’t wear rhinestones. This very Virgo quality is reflected in my knitting style. I don’t knit patterns that are terribly complicated or have a lot of flair. I always go for projects that provide me with a useful garment that will keep some part of me warm. My new life in Colorful Colorado has forced me to step outside of my comfort zone, and with that I am hoping to also expand my knitting boundaries.

So, my current project is a pair of socks. They are pretty simple. There is nothing particularly special about them; no cables, no multicolored yarn – they aren’t even knitted toe-up!  I mean, they’re green and they will keep my feet warm, but that’s about all the pizzazz they have. I work for Interweave now, darnit! It’s time to step up my game. 



Looking through past and current issues of Knits and knit.wear has made my fingers itch to try something new and a little outrageous (outrageous for me is probably fairly bland for the braver knitter). For instance, there are some fantastic scarves featured in the Holiday Gifts 2013 issue, many of which I’d like to try (looking at you, Hope Chest and Bingham Hill)

Hope Chest Scarf
Bingham Hill Scarf

The project that I’ve decided to knit next is in the Knits Fall 2013 issue. The Clear Creek Pullover by Carol Feller doesn’t look like the most daunting knitting project in the world, but it is a pretty big commitment for a knitter like myself who has never finished a knit sweater. The time is now, folks. I hope to update you on my progress in a future blog, so if you are interested, stay tuned.



How about you? Do you prefer basic, practical knitted items that are simply for utility, or more daring and wild but maybe unconventional projects? Leave your comments down below!

I can’t wait to meet with you again!


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