9 Free Knitting Bag Patterns Just for You

You'll love these free knitting patterns on knitting bags that are great for any occasion.Click on the Download Now button or link below to create amazing and stylish knitted bags, which are the ultimate usable projects! The experts at Interweave are proud to present these nine free knitting patterns on how to knit a bag, available for you to download today. From small and simple to colorful and ornate, these knitting bag patterns are a starting place for your creativity to take flight.

If you have been searching for the perfect knitted bag pattern, this free eBook is the answer for you. For the gal on the go, a night on the town, or a relaxing weekend, there is a knitted bag to suit any occasion. Download this eBook to get all nine knitting bag patterns and find the perfect knitted bag pattern for you. And yes, they really are FREE! Grab your stash and your needles and start knitting the bag of your dreams.

Sneak-Peek at the 9 FREE Knitting Bag Patterns You’ll Find:

You'll love these knitting bag patterns, such as this chevron market bag pattern.

Knitted Market Bag

Chevron Market Bag by Kristen TenDyke
Knit your own bag to use at the farmer’s market this summer. The design is a beauty, with lace chevron pattern creating a lovely and sturdy bag that will stretch enough to contain all of your produce for the week. If you love to knit bags, this one is a great one!

Knitted Shoulder Bag

Learn how to make this knitted basketweave shoulder bag in this free eBook that contains 9 free knitting bag patterns.
Basketweave Shoulder Bag by Nancy Dale
Basketweave stitch is so fun to knit, and this pattern uses it so well. This bag fits over your shoulder beautifully or you can make the strap longer for a cross-body. Knit from flax yarn held double so that it is extra strong and will last forever! Use it for your everyday bag or to hold your knitting while your travel.

Knitted Travel Bag

You'll love knitting this knitted travel bag found in this free knitting pattern eBook.
Monk’s Travel Satchel by Vicki Square
This knitted bag is inspired by monks in the region of Nepal. They traveled southwest China, Nepal, and Tibet, and traditionally carried large bags. It’s designed with lots of compartments, so you can use it as your knitting bag, school bag, or even as a diaper

Brightly Colored Knitted Bag

Free knitted bag patterns.
Coney Island Bag by Eunny Jang
This bag is named for its narrow eye-popping stripes, reminiscent of those adorning early twentieth-century bathing dresses. Knitting expert Eunny Jang created a knit bag pattern that is a fun and fast way to use up scraps of brightly colored cotton from your stash. Follow the detailed instructions provided by Eunny and begin knitting a bag that is sure to catch the eye of everyone passing by.

3D Knitted Bag

Amazing 3d knitting bag perfect for a picnic bag.
Picnic Bag by Lisa Shroyer
Created from two mirror-image halves, each curved by two sets of sock-heel-like shaping, this pattern is exceptionally unique. Joining the half-moons together yields a polygonal, 3D bag. You can even use this as a knitting bag pattern that is the perfect size for carrying a sock project and yarn.

Knitted Lace Beach Bag

Make this knitted lace beach bag and bring your knitted projects to the beach with you.
Lace Beach Bag by Anna-Liza Armfield
With this tote bag pattern you can knit a bag that looks charmingly frivolous and acts seriously functional! You can fit a beach towel, shorts, shirts, and your weekend reading in with ease. With totes you can build functionality into the design, like Anna-Liza did with the interior pouch. The pouch is worked on straight needles using double knitting, which creates two layers of fabric at the same time, then the sides are separated, one side is bound off, and the flap is knit. This is one knitting tote bag pattern that has it all!

Knitted Coin Purse

Knit this knitted purse and show off your knitting skills!
Sow’s Ear Coin Purse by Anne Merrow
Learn to knit a fabulous silk coin purse, with guidance from knitting expert Anne Merrow. This purse is knit up on circular needles with an I-cord worked into the design. Add some ribbon or a knit strap for a wristlet-style knit purse, perfect for a night on the town. Dress it up or dress it down, create this fun knit purse pattern today.

Traditional Knitted Bag

You&'ll love these free knitting bag patterns especially this knitted market bag pattern.
Spiral Market Bag by Marilyn Murphy
This traditional knit bag was originally designed to hold glasses, but was transformed into a full size bag to hold a handspindle and roving, or even a bottle of wine. Start this knitted bag pattern by creating four rectangles, two of each color. Follow the step-by-step instructions on seaming the rectangles together, then create two braided chords for the finishing touch. You will be knitting tote bags in no time with this simple pattern.

Knitted Felt Bag

Knit this knitted felt bag that can be found in this free ebook on knitting bag patterns.
Pyramid Project Bag by Anita Osterhaug
One of our favorite felted bag patterns, this bag dangles from the wrist, making it very handy for holding your latest small knitting or spinning project or your yarn while you knit. This mathematical style of this knit bag makes it the perfect quick challenge for beginner and expert knitters alike.

You are guaranteed to find knitted bags worth starting. From small to substantial, there is a knitted bag pattern for everyone. Looking for a quick and easy gift? Try the coin purse in a beautiful array of colors. Take your knitting bag patterns on the go with the with a market bag, small project bag or lacey beach bag. Or get noticed with the unique styling and construction of picnic or day-out sized bags. No matter your style, you are sure to find the perfect knitted bag pattern for you.

Knitting totes, purses, and bags can be so much fun! Whether you are making yourself a unique bag or knitting a bag for a special friend, the process of knitting bags is always a rewarding one. With nine knitting bag patterns to choose from, your options for shape, size, color, and style are never-ending. Use up scraps of yarn with one pattern, or create a lacy solid design for the store or the beach. For a night out, we’ve included a knit purse pattern that will knit up quickly in any color you’d like. You’ll find functional bags for the store, storing your knitting, and a day out at the park or beach.

These free knitting bag patterns include step-by-step instructions to ensure every knitted bag pattern is created successfully. Learn from the experts and explore your unique style with these free knitting patterns for bags!


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