Knitting Lace: 10 Free Knitted Lace Patterns

Learn everything you need to know about knitting lace with these 10 FREE knitted lace patterns.Are you addicted to knitting lace? Or maybe you’ve admired some of the gorgeous knitted lace patterns out there and want to give lace knitting a try? Here are 10 of Interweave’s top FREE knitted lace patterns, gathered together in one FREE ebook for you.


Whether you are a first time lace knitter, or a seasoned expert, you’ll enjoy the timeless beauty of knitting lace. Inside this eBook you’ll discover lace for all seasons and shapes, with two stunning knitting lace shawl patterns, a lovely lace hat, a classic knit cardigan, two scarves, and a pair of fingerless gloves. Plus, we’ve added an additional three patterns to make this collection even better, a shrug, blouse, and perfect Henley sweater. This collection is sure to inspire your knitting for years to come. Download all 10 sensational designs today!

Sneak-Peek at the Knitting Lace Patterns Inside:

Sophia Shrug

Learn how to knit lace in this free knitted lace eBook and knit the Sophia Shawl.
By Betty Monroe
A simple rectangle, cleverly bordered and seamed, turns into the versatile lace shrug, the Sophia Shrug. A drapey elongated-stitch pattern folds easily into a shawl collar or stands up for warmth; while garter stitch turned on its side flows easily across shoulders, stretches to pin closed, and snaps back for wearing open.

Oriel Lace Blouse

Free knitted lace patterns.
By Shirley Paden
A gently fitted silhouette and belled sleeves are the perfect foil for an intricate allover lace pattern of interlocking arches. Shirley Paden used a slightly variegated silk ribbon to keep the top light and airy. The close-fitting collar closes up the back with a row of small buttons.

Henley Perfected

Learn how to knit this free knitting lace pattern called the Henley Perfected.
By Connie Chang Chinchio
Lace knitters will love this Henley. Connie combines a delicate lace pattern and stockinette in just the right quantities, in just the right yarn, for a beautifully versatile lace pullover. A small stand-up collar and a deep roll-edge placket lined with tiny buttons add simple, graceful finishes.

Icelandic Lace Shawl

You'll love knitting this Icelandic Shawl free lace knitting pattern.
Design by Sigrídur Halldórsdóttir adapted by Carol Rasmussen Noble
The original of this traditional Icelandic shawl is part of the Icelandic Craft Council’s collection of textiles. It is thought to have been knitted by a resident of a small fishing village on the west coast of Iceland well known for her craftsmanship with handspun yarns. This lace knitting pattern tries to capture that spirit and tradition.

Spectrum Scarf

Free knitted lace pattern: Spectrum scarf knitting pattern.
By Eunny Jang
If you are new and want to learn how to knit lace, this easy scarf pattern is the perfect place to begin. Color blending with multiple strands of alpaca yarn shades this lace scarf achieved with a simple one-row lace repeat. What a beautiful way to introduce yourself to the timeless tradition of lace knitting! Already a lace expert? This lace scarf makes a great gift you can whip up quickly.

Tailored Scallops Cardigan

Learn how to knit this knitted lace cardigan called Tailored Scallops in this free eBook.
By Pam Allen
In need of a beautiful knit cardigan? A longtime fan of the traditional feather and fan stitch pattern, Pam Allen worked it on a grand scale for this classic cardigan pattern. The structure of this knit cardigan creates decorative scallops that are preserved in the cast-on edges. To keep this sweater simple, Pam added very little shaping and worked the sleeve increases in panels of stockinette stitch that border the lace motif.

Penobscot Silk Lace Scarf

Knit the Penobscot knitted lace scarf in this free ebook.
Design by Cyrene Slegona
For the summer 2006 staff project, then-editor of Interweave Knits Pam Allen chose an easy lace pattern and asked each staff member to create something different with it. Cyrene Slegona went for the knitted lace scarf patterns, designing this amazingly elegant scarf. It features alternating several lace repeats with blocks of stockinette stitch, in a silky yarn that is to die for.

Lace Fountain Hat

Knit the Fountain Hat, which is a free knitted lace pattern in this eBook.
By Katie Himmelberg
This hat was created for the 2008 staff project, where staffers were asked to design an item inspired by a beloved movie. Katie chose The Fountain, with stunning cinematography and special effects, and created this lace hat to be a visual representation of the movie. The easy knit lace pattern forms a starburst that disintegrates into a field of dots.

Arrowhead Shawl

You'll love knitting the Arrowhead Shawl in this free knitting lace ebook.
By Pam Allen
There are few lace patterns more beloved than the classic triangular lace shawl. Beginning at the center with just a few stitches, the shawl grows via paired increases, adding motifs on each side as the work progresses, a process that many knitters find irresistible. Pam’s shawl was her contribution to the summer 2006 staff project.

Wild and Warm Guanaco and Vicuña Lace Fingerless Gloves

Learn how to knit these knitted lace fingerless gloves.
By Kaye D. Collins
Wild guanacos and vicuñas are both beautiful and graceful, and produce some of the finest fibers in the world. It is fitting to knit a light and lacy garment to honor their elegance. Fingerless gloves are extremely popular and practical—and with his glove pattern you will create a beautiful pair that is not only decorative but also warm.

There’s a knitted lace pattern here for everyone, from beginning lace knitter to advanced! When it comes to elegant knitting, knitting lace patterns are second to none. Learn how to knit lace masterpieces with these incredible, free knitted lace patterns. Download this free knitted lace eBook to get started or keep reading to learn more about each pattern.



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