New Free eBook! 7 Free Baby Knitting Patterns

Great Free Baby Knitting Patterns eBook:
Baby Patterns from Knitting Daily:
7 Free Baby Knitting Patterns

There is nothing quite like a handknit baby gift.

Our readers are always asking us for more baby patterns: adorable little knitted gifts to make for new members of the family, or for charity.
And it's no wonder baby patterns are so popular! Baby knitting patterns knit up quickly, and oh, the look of delight on the faces of the new moms and dads when they see the special something you have made!

Here are seven darling little baby patterns, chosen especially for this free knitting eBook by yours truly, Sandi Wiseheart, founding editor of Knitting Daily and auntie to the cutest nephews and nieces on the planet (humor me, here). I've made several of these baby knitting patterns for my own wee family members, so I've included my personal favorites here for you (and your own cutest-babies-on-the-planet) to enjoy.

These seven baby patterns are some of Interweave's best-loved baby knitting patterns: a set of booties shaped like barnyard animals, a simple garter-stitch kimono, an adorable pair of baby's first socks, a trio of cuddly (and easy!) toys, a simple lace beanie, a classic cabled cardigan, and a lace blanket full of stars. These baby knitting patterns range from beginner (the kimono) to intermediate, and each one has that little something extra to properly welcome that special new little one into the world.

Download Baby Patterns from Knitting Daily: 7 Free Baby Knitting Patterns


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