Must-Try, 5 Free Knitting Patterns for Women

You'll love these 5 FREE knitting patterns for women compiled in this ebook.I wanted to put together a free eBook with patterns just for women. Knitting for women is such a wide-open topic, so I’ve chosen knitting patterns for women from all walks of knitting life. Our new eBook is called 5 Free Knitting Patterns for Women: Designs for a Knitted Skirt, Shawl and Knit Tops for Women.

Knitting for the ladies in your life doesn’t have to be complicated; with the right pattern and instruction, knitting for women creates a sense of fulfillment and can result in some very unique knitting projects. Plus, if you’re knitting for someone else, you’ll have the added joy of their excitement as you deliver your handmade delight. We love to explore all sorts of knitting patterns for women, and want to get your collection started with a few handpicked favorites.

For comfort and style we included a beautiful cardigan that’s warm without a lot of weight, and looks great dressed up or down. The second cardigan pattern is easy to knit and utilizes waist shaping to create tailored back detail. We couldn’t help but add a shawl/knit wrap pattern to the collection, and we know you won’t be able to resist making one (or two) of this stunning design! For a knitted skirt pattern that truly accommodates a variety of body shapes, look no further than the design we’ve included. Finally, slip into the silky loveliness of the a lace tank top, made even more indulgent by using a bamboo yarn. Celebrate the different forms and shapes of women with this collection of five free knitting patterns for women, yours to download for free!


Sneak-Peek at the Free Knitting Patterns for Women You’ll Find:

Casual Knitted Cardigan

Free knitting patterns for women including this Knit Tops for Women: Casual Flair Cardigan by Anna-Liza Armfield.
Knit Tops for Women: Casual Flair Cardigan by Anna-Liza Armfield
This casual knitted cardigan was designed with comfort in mind and is both stylish and flattering. The cotton, silk and wool blend gives warmth without a lot of weight, and the lines make it work with skirts and jeans alike. The perfect combination of fit and luxury, this knit top pattern will become a favorite in no time. Wow! yourself with a new weekend top when you download this free knitting pattern.

Easy-to-Wear Cardigan

You'll love knitting this Tweed cardigan in this FREE eBook that contains 5 knitting patterns for women.
Knit Tops for Women: Tweed Cardigan by Rebecca L. Daniels
Challenged to create a staple piece of weekend wear, Rebecca knew it had to be a cardigan. She designed this piece to be simple and easy to wear, but not boring. It’s much easier than it appears thanks to the seamless design and a bit of waist shaping that doubles as tailored back detail. From weekend to office to a night on the town, this design is sure to become a staple in your wardrobe.

Knitted Shawl Pattern

You'll love knitting this Icelandic Shawl free lace knitting pattern.
Knit Shawl Pattern: Icelandic Lace Shawl adapted by Carol Rasmussen Noble
If you are looking for a classic knitting pattern, look no further than this shawl and/or wrap knitting pattern. Our pattern was adapted from the original which has been preserved in the Icelandic Craft Council’s collection of textiles. That piece is thought to have been knitted by Thórdís Egilsdóttir, a resident of a small fishing village on the west coast of Iceland. Well known for her craftsmanship and skill with handspun yarns, it’s obvious that a great attention to detail was paid as the design was knitted.

Beautiful Knitted Skirt Pattern

Free knitting patterns for women including this Knit Skirt Pattern: Flirty Skirty by Ivy Bigelow.
Knit Skirt Pattern: Flirty Skirty by Ivy Bigelow
This next little number is sassy but still elegant. Knitted in the round from the waist down, this knit skirt pattern features pleats at the hem and belt loops at the waist. To accommodate a variety of shapes and needs, we suggest using a wool yarn that allows some movement and stretch. Enjoy knitting up this body-hugging knitted skirt pattern!

Feminine Knitted Lingerie

Free knitting pattern including this Knit Tops for Women: Lace Nightie by Carrie Bostick Hoge.
Knit Tops for Women: Lace Nightie by Carrie Bostick Hoge
After accepting a challenge to make something feminine, Carrie came up with the perfect basic lingerie ingredients. A dash of feminine lace, a pinch of color, and a whole bunch of open back, and this sensual tank top knitting pattern was born. Knitted in the alluring, silky comfort of bamboo yarn, this is as much a joy to knit as to indulge in wearing.

This wonderful collection of women’s knitting patterns has something for everyone. Both functional cardigans are perfect for your gal pals looking for a year-round layering option. The skirt knitting pattern is the perfect blend of class and sass, featuring a wool yarn that provides a surprising amount of stretch. What is more classic and elegant than a lace shawl? This shawl doubles as a wrap knitting pattern, and includes helpful charts to keep you on track throughout. Finally, treat yourself to some luscious bamboo with the knit tank top pattern, featuring simple styling and easy repeats. Whether you choose to make one or all five of these designs, you are sure to enjoy these women’s knitting pattern.

Download your copy of 5 Free Knitting Patterns for Women: Designs for a Knitted Skirt, Shawl and Knit Tops for Women now and start knitting for yourself!



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