Neutrals and Neons Paired Perfectly in the Day Fade Shawl

Neon colors electrify your wardrobe, but they can be overpowering if you’re not accustomed to wearing a lot of color. In our age of grayscale wardrobes, a pop of neon makes the difference between flat clothes and a 3-dimensional outfit. The neon trend is weaving its way through our knitting: neutral cabled sweaters are embroidered with neon thread to highlight twisting stitches, for example, and color blocking with bright neons creates dramatic statements. The Day Fade Shawl takes advantage of this killer neon/neutral combo with gradient color changes in the Freia Fine Handpaints yarn.

Freia Fine Handpaints is one of the most popular ombré yarns available on the market. The Day Fade Shawl colorways feature traditional gradients and trendy neons in explosive combinations that flow together seamlessly, balancing each skein with a pop of a bright color. The shawl uses this yarn in a unique way by splitting the ball and creating 2 opposite gradients within the same shawl.

Before starting this shawl, you’ll need to split the ball in two using a kitchen scale and a ball winder. (If you don’t have a ball winder handy, use any method you’re comfortable with that creates a center-pull ball.)

  • Put the ball on the scale and note the weight, then wind from the inside of the skein until the number on the scale is half of the original weight.
  • Cut the yarn and pull a new strand from the center of your new ball. This process creates 2 gradients that will naturally gradate in opposite directions.

(To see how to make this process a breeze, check out Sara Dudek’s great reference article and how-to video).

day fade shawl

Using a gradient yarn like Freia Fine Handpaints means the yarn does all the color work for you. As the pattern unfolds, your shawl will only grow more vibrant. The combination of stockinette and garter-stitch ridges creates a gentle structure while the gorgeous colors entwine and grow.

The Day Fade Shawl kit is worked in pattern until you run out of yarn. With a single ball of Freia Fine Handpaints, the finished shawl should measure about 48” wide and 18” deep. The size is completely customizable, though, so if you are looking for a larger shawl, purchase an extra ball and continue knitting until the second ball has run out. Freia Fine Handpaints’ smooth colors produce an exciting shawl that will perfectly accent your wardrobe without overpowering your outfits.

For a limited time, we’re offering the Day Fade Shawl kit in the colors Embers (sunset) and Oro Azteca (lightning bug). We also offer this yarn in four other colors: Vamp, Grapevine, Ice Queen, and Canyon. Grab your kit today and see how your neons unfold!

Happy kit knitting!


What Color Will Your Day Fade Shawl Be?


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  1. Beverly A at 3:18 pm September 6, 2017

    Your article references an article and how-to video by Sara Dudek but the link does not work. Can you post the correct one, please?

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