‘Tis Always the Season to Netflix and Knit

We’re heading into hardcore knitting season, and to many of us that means choosing a new project and queuing up the Netflix programs we’ve ignored all summer. To help you choose the appropriate “knitflixing” programming, we’ve gathered some recommendations from the yarn group here at Interweave, along with some apropos knitting patterns.

Knit to a Brit Hit

Plummy accents and scrummy scones—what more could you want in a show? I love The Great British Bake Off (called The Great British Baking Show here in the States) and eagerly look forward to it every year. Everything about it is just delightful—pretty pastries, bakers using their grandmum’s recipes, and contestants helping each other out in a pinch.

Because I like a theme, I think the Chocolate Chip Cowl is just the thing to work on while watching GBBO.

Photo Credit | Harper Point Photography

While there is an appalling lack of chocolate chips on the show (and a good deal too much matcha powder), this cowl is warm and cozy and everything a baked-good-themed project should be.

Laura Hulslander, Managing Editor

Magic, Madness, and Monsters

I absolutely adore the new Netflix series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. I grew up watching the original 1982 film and loving how creative the design of the world was. The original film has become a cult classic, and this popularity led to Age of Resistance, a prequel to the film. The series primarily follows three gelfling characters—Deet, Rian, and Brea—as they each come to realize that the nefarious skesis are not the benevolent overlords they pretend to be.

The design of the world is utterly enchanting, and so much more creative than what I usually see in fantasy-based television shows. The quality of the puppets has only improved since the original 1982 film, and while much of the film is done using those puppets, the few moments of CG enhance the feel of the world. Not to mention the voice acting—Mark Hamill, Helena Bonham-Carter, and Jason Isaacs all voice characters in the show!

Photo Credit | Harper Point Photography

I love knitting to this, not in the least because of how beautiful the world is. If ever I needed a reason to pursue increasingly lovely patterns, I can easily find it in the gorgeous world of Age of Resistance. If you’re inspired too, might I suggest the Victoria Station Pullover? The beautiful, crystalline construction of the garment makes me think of the key point of conflict in the show—namely, the crystal of truth itself.

—Julia Pillard, Assistant Editor

Images sourced from IMDB and subject to copyright.

Finding Balance in My Knitflix

When it comes to Netflix and knitting, it’s always about finding balance. My knitting needs to be uncomplicated so I can focus on the show, and the show needs to be uncomplicated so I can pay attention to my knitting.

I’m sure The Great British Baking Show rates high among many knitters. It’s soothing, comfortably formulaic but with moments of drama, and inspiring in its own right. Am I the only one who went out and bought jelly roll pans after a particular episode?

When I want drama, Queen of the South ably fits the bill. Watching amoral drug runners handling the problems of any start-up (Infrastructure and problems of scale! Brand identity!) makes for compelling TV. The series is deeply flawed, with preposterous plot twists and story lines that go nowhere. These flaws make it perfect for knitting: if I miss a detail because I’m picking up a stitch, it won’t matter too much in the long run. And the compulsive watchability means I often keep knitting so I can get in one more episode.

Photo Credit | Harper Point Photography

If you’re looking for something to knit while watching Queen of the South, I suggest the Grape Compote Pullover from knitscene Winter 2019; it mirrors the figure hugging dresses worn by many of the women on the show. Plus, pretty!

—Allison Korleski, Video Producer

Schitt’s Knit

From spoiled to sweet, weird to endearing, the Rose family has captured my heart and my Netflix recommendation. The basics of the show: an uber-wealthy family (the Roses) loses everything and must move from their mansion in the big city to their only remaining asset, a shabby little town called Schitt’s Creek.

I expected some sort of class-war within this show, but instead, the writers have treated me to a prickly, heart-felt (juxtaposition is key in this show) program. I’ve absolutely loved watching the Rose family grow over the seasons; the show is so damned endearing, laugh-out-loud hilarious, and surprisingly poignant. Brother and sister Alexis and David have found themselves and their soulmates, and parents Moira and Johnny recover in hilarious ways from their fall from grace.

The core group of the show is fabulous, and they’re surrounded by a cast of nuanced townies that bring out the best in them. As Tina Turner said in my all-time favorite scene* in this show, it’s “simply the best.”

Now, as I’m facing the final season, I’m rationing it because I don’t want it to end. But I’m going to have to dig into the glory and lose myself one last time in the shabby-sweet town of Schitt’s Creek and it’s funny family, as I knit an ode to them—the Rosebud Hat.

*David serenades his boyfriend to Tina’s song “The Best,” and it’s joyous and so very touching.

Since we strive to be ever-so-helpful, we have suggestions for sweater patterns perfect for knitflixing, pro-tips for choosing TV-knitting projects, and even our favorite British detective shows.

Let us know what you’re knitflixing!



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