Happy National Women’s Friendship Day (and Women Are the Best to Knit For)

Women are specific, and men are constantly too warm—that is the critical distinction that makes the former much better to knit for. Almost every time a man has asked me to knit something for him, the conversation goes a lot like this:

Him: I would like a scarf.
Me: A patterned scarf? A striped scarf? A ribbed scarf? A circular scarf? A straight scarf?
Him: You know, . . . a scarf!
Me: . . .
Him: Can it be not too warm?
Me (mumbling): One linen scarf coming right up!
Him: Oh, and can it be really, really soft?
Me: Cashmere is, like, $50 a ball.
Him: WHAT?!

I am not about running to the store and spending bank on a great yarn in a color that men might not love (just kidding—we all know it’s going to be black) and then knit a scarf that they might not even like or wear. Not. A. Chance. And on this National Women’s Friendship Day, I feel it is necessary to give the ladies props.

Now, please note, I’m not saying women are perfect to knit for, but such activity just comes with fewer obstacles. I have them go on Ravelry and curate a selection of patterns that they would actually wear with an accompanying list of colors. They are happy to do so, and all the guesswork and worry flutter away, and I get to just knit, knowing that they’ll love my creation, wear it, and follow the washing instructions and NOT FELT MY HEARTFELT GIFT in the washing machine.

National Women’s Friendship Day Aside…

In all seriousness, I love knitting for the people I care about. It’s my perfect way of showing that I care and am thinking of them. I’ve knitted for young and old, male and female—and I’ve always felt like it was worth it. But I do need to send out a warning to the men in my life. I’ll just wait until you’re old, feeble, and losing your eyesight before I attack you with my love in the form of handknitted sweaters. (My fingertips, by the way, are pressed together in malicious but gleeful anticipation.)

Sarah Rothberg is the Assistant Editor for the Interweave knitting group.

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