7 Knitting Projects for National Pink Day

I love the color pink. There, I said it. I know all you pink-haters out there are rolling your eyes and making gagging noises, but it really is one of my favorite colors. (Back when I worked in a lab, I had a pink lab coat that would have been perfect for Scientist Barbie.) I love its blatant girliness. I love it’s subversive punkness. From pale rose to violent fuchsia and all the glorious shades in between, pink will always have a solid place in my wardrobe. On this National Pink Day, let’s shout out some projects that you simply must make.

National Pink Day - what a beautiful celebration!

Summer Blooms Shawl

Susanna IC is a shawl wizard. Her crescent-shaped shawls are always beautifully constructed and light and ethereal. Check out her Oshara Shawl MKAL for more Susanna IC shawl goodness.

Mackinac Tank

Ruffle or mini-cape? This tank is just the thing for days you need a little superhero boost. Danielle Chalson designed this tank with straps wide enough to hide bra straps, for those of us who need a super boost in front as well.

These are National Pink Day socks!

Zinger Socks

It’s no secret that I think socks are the best, both for knitting and wearing. These bright socks add a rebellious step to your stride. Hide them under Doc Martens, or show them off with Birkenstocks and a tie dyed tank.

Heliconia Wrap

Kimono-style wraps are everywhere right now. They’re great for a little extra warmth in a chilly restaurant, or to protect your shoulders from the blazing sun. The yarn, The Fibre Co. Meadow, is a lightweight linen blend that adds a breezy feel to this cocoon.

National Pink Day - and this is THE dolman for it!

Seashell Dolman

Bored with ordinary sweater construction? Do both top-down and bottom-up sweaters make you yawn? Try working side-to-side! This adorable tee from Garter Stitch Revival has comfy oversized sleeves and a neat garter stitch detail at the waist.

Ouverte Tee

Need a mesh top for your summer holiday? Designed by Emily Ringelman, this tee is quite versatile. Pop it on over a swimsuit for a little modesty, or wear it over a black bra for a bold, sexy look.

Sunbird Top

Made in a wool/silk blend, the Sunbird Top has a crunchy texture to it. With a lace detail running up each side and a textured pattern on the yoke, this tee is interesting enough to keep you knitting, but easy enough that you can work on it at soccer practice.

Are you ready to rock some pink projects?

Get to stichin’!


National Pink Day Can Be Every Day…


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