My Winter of Knitted Hats

The hat from the Three for the Road ePattern for men

I think I've knitted five hats in the last month, with two more to go—including the Welted Toque for my sister, who's home now and keeps saying, "Hey, where's my toque?!?

I did give her a couple of my old handknitted hats to tide her over, lest you think I'm letting my beloved sister walk around with a cold head!

My Christmas knitting has taken precedence, and I still haven't started on an R2D2 hat from my nephew, so I actually have three to go! Good luck to me.

I got the classic "Hey, my buddy loves my hat. Can you knit him one?" from my brother, so I need to get a hat on the needles ASAP because I have to get that package in the mail. I've chosen a simple hat that's part of the Three for the Road collection for men: a scarf, hat, and mitt trio.

I love the scarf pattern, but I only have time for the hat.

I need to look in my stash for some yarn for this project; I'm sure I have some. Be right back . . .

Lamb's Pride Worsted in Sable. Pretty!

Found some: Lamb's Pride Worsted in color Sable—see the photo at right; isn't it pretty? I think it's perfect for a man's hat. It's a darkish neutral with some variegation, too. I love variegated yarn and I love brown, so this is—you guessed it—perfect!

This is a really easy knit hat pattern with an interesting construction: top down. A top-down hat is a great idea because, just like top-down sweaters, you can try on the hat to make sure it'll be long enough. I hate it when I knit a hat and I have to keep pulling it down over my ears!

I usually don't knit roll brim hats because they're too loose at the brim and they don't stay snug. I'm going to try something with this hat, though. I'm going to knit to where I want the brim to start and then switch to a size (or two) smaller needle and finish the brim so it's a little tighter than the bottom of the hat. Or, maybe I'll add a ribbed brim. We'll see.

Join me in my winter of knitted hats! Download the Three for the Road pattern (or another hat pattern!) today and cast on.


P.S. Are you knitting hats for Christmas this year? Which patterns are you using?

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