My Surreal Knitting Life And That Stripe

Wendy's original Tomato

I’m having a bit of a surreal life at the moment. I mean, I know I work for Interweave, and thus I’m supposed to be all nonchalant and cool about things like Norah Gaughan leaving a comment on my blog….but I’m so not cool when it comes to my knitting idols. Norah Gaughan left a comment on my blog. I was so un-cool when I saw her comment that my poor husband had to listen to me squeal with glee for a full twenty minutes. I emailed my friends and told them I could die a happy knitter now. (I may also have danced with the cat for a few moments. It’s all a bit of a blur.)

Even without Norah’s comments (she wrote about how she handled the stranding for the Intricate Stag Bag), Wednesday still would have been surreal. I’ve had to keep it to myself for a bit, but now I can tell everyone: I’ve been PODCASTED! The oh-so-funny-and-kind Kathy and Steve Elkins, owners of WEBS Yarn Store, interviewed me for this Saturday’s Ready, Set, Knit! podcast. It was really fun-but-nervewracking to know that every word I said was being recorded for both posterity and any knitter with an iTunes account. Still, I am fairly proud of myself, since I remembered to mention the name of the website, I remembered not to cuss, and I remembered my name. What else did I say? I have no idea. Go have a listen to the podcast Saturday, June 30 when it is posted and I guess we'll
Me and my Tomato-in-progress
all find out together.

All right. Enough of the surreal knitting life. Everyone's been writing in begging to know what I did with That Stripe on my Tomato, so now, I present to you: a waist stripe!

As I knitted away on my Tomato, I realized that once I got to the neckline I was facing a bit of a pickle. As some of you noted in the comments, That Stripe isn’t necessarily going to be flattering on everyone—for example, me. You’ve seen my photo. I certainly do not need any bright teal signage highlighting the scenery in that particular area.

In fact, when I first saw a photo of the Tomato in No Sheep For You, I did not even consider making it for myself, purely because of the colorwork stripe. The second time I saw a photo of it, on the No Sheep For You Knitalong, I thought, gosh. That shaping is adorable. Plus, look at that neckline! But I can’t wear a stripe across that part of my landscape. No way. The third time I saw a photo of the Tomato, I thought, wow. That is sooo cute. But I wish the stripe were not Right There.

That’s when I realized: Duh. I am a knitter. I can—gasp—MOVE THE STRIPE.

I could have just taken the stripe off completely…but let’s face it: My main color is bright orange. This is clearly not the time for timidity and plain-Jane knitting. It's time for some spice in my life!

So, in the name of spicy hotness, the stripe stays in—but I
Bust darts!
didn't put it across my bust. My stripe is below the bust at my waist, so that it accents the narrowest part of me, and gives me a bit more of an hourglass shape. To balance out the bright teal stripe, and frame my figure, I am going to add a bit of teal detailing to the neckline, sleeve cuffs, and (maybe) the hem.

Oh, and I added…ta DA! Every big girl's best friend: Bust Darts. (I can't believe I am posting this photo, but it is in the name of Beautiful Knitting For Everyone. See the bust darts? I am so proud of those…)

Now THAT’s a Hot Tomato, folks.

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Monday, July 2: Ready, Set, Knit! Podcast, hosted by Kathy and Steve Elkins of WEBS Yarn Shop. Read about Kathy's life amongst the yarn and her podcast on Kathy's blog. UPDATE: Please read this post on Kathy's blog, or visit this page to see how you can help one of our most beloved knitting designers, Annie Modesitt, in her time of need.

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See you in the blogosphere!

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