My Response to Your Comments on the C-Word

Thank you for all your passion and for your devotion to these yarnly crafts that we all love so well. I take as a high praise the comments to Wednesday's Daring to Mention Crochet post that said, "Please leave our Knitting Daily as it is!" I also was thrilled to hear from multi-craftual folks who were happy to hear "the C-word" now and then, as way of enriching their craft vocabulary as well as their knitting.

I appreciate the suggestions that Interweave publish a "Crocheting Daily" newsletter, so that each craft could have its own community. We have considered it (trust me—I'm a crocheter, too, remember!), but right now we are going to put all our efforts into making Knitting Daily the best that it can be.

It may be worth mentioning that Sara F. and Jill D. both guessed correctly: I am Knitting Daily's only full-time employee, and its only editorial person. (Bertha is only part-time; I share her with the marketing folks. Besides, although I hate to discuss a fellow employee's limitations in public, Bertha lacks certain job qualifications as an editorial assistant…say…like…a head. I try to overlook this, in the interest of good manners, but…it is a problem sometimes.) Right now, I am very happy to be aaalllllll yours, and not to have to split my energies over two newsletters.

What can I say in response to all the heartfelt and thoughtful comments (which as I write this are still pouring in!)? I say: Thank you. As always, your passion inspires and delights me.

We did a quick tally of the sentiments voiced; those who wouldn't mind some limited crochet now and then on KD outnumbered the "no crochet ever" folks two to one. To the folks who love Knitting Daily so much that they do not want it to change, I say: I'm going to continue to bring you the best knitting info that I can, and to give you a peek inside the wonderful world of Interweave as I do it. Sometimes knitting patterns involve crochet—edgings, buttonholes, trim—and so sometimes we will talk about crochet as a way of adding to your knitter's toolbox. If that particular post is one that you don't enjoy, please skip it—but come back again, because next time, we might just be talking about the one thing in knitting that you love more than anything else!

Speaking of next time: Next week, we are going to talk about bags! Just for you Knitting Daily folks, I have a pattern for a knitted knitting bag that I think is pretty rockin' cute.

Sandi Wiseheart is the editor of Knitting Daily.

Sandi is not ashamed to admit that she almost fainted dead away when she found out one of her crochet designs had been selected for the cover of Interweave Crochet Spring 2006.

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