My New Favorite Knitted Hoodie Pattern

IMG_1713Say hello to my new favorite sweater.

(Also known as “my most recently ‘finished’ sweater.” That’s how favoritism works in my world.)

My version of the East Neuk Hoodie from the cover of Knitscene Fall 2014 is finally finished! Mostly. It needs buttons. But the knitting is done!

I really do love this sweater pattern—Kristen’s instructions are great, the knitting was pretty fast, and in the end I have a great new knitted sweater for fall! It’s worked in the round from the bottom up, so it zips along quite nicely even though it’s knit at a tighter gauge, and the different gansey patterns incorporated in the front panel, back shoulders, and hood keep the knitting interesting while not getting too complicated.


If I could, I think I’d live in hoodies come the cooler months of the year. I love sweaters, period—I annoy everyone in the office by wishing for cooler temperatures starting in August because I want to wear all the pullovers I’ve knit! And adding a hood to the mix means that my head, particularly my ears, can stay warm without adding an extra layer (and I have a bad habit of leaving hats everywhere I go… one in the office, one or three in my car, you get the picture).


And I went a little crazy and worked the elbow patches in a contrasting color. I just really liked the idea of “leather” elbow patches on my sweater so I found a nice tan shade of Cascade 220 Superwash and went with it!

If you, like me, appreciate the all-in-one aspect of hoodie sweaters, check out our new pattern collection! We’ve pulled together five of our most popular knitted hoodie patterns into one convenient group. East Neuk is definitely in that collection, as is the mega popular Central Park Hoodie by Heather Lodinsky. cph_300.jpg

We’ve also included Amanda Schuezger’s 8,000 Feet Hoodie pattern, which uses a really clever way of working colorwork in the round to form the hood. It’s a classic sweater pattern with modern construction, sure to be extra warm with those stranded colors.


If you live in warmer climates or want year-round hoodies in comfort, we’ve included two lighter lacy sweater patterns. Connie Chang Chinchio’s Aprés Surf Hoodie is one I’m anxious to knit some day (there’s a lot of some-day-sweaters in my queue). I love the all over lace pattern that continues up into the hood.


Finally we have Amy Polcyn’s Correa Hoodie, which also has an all over lace pattern,  but this takes on the look of a loose jacket with its open cardigan fronts and knitted belt. The simple eyelet columns and deep ribbing combine for a casual style.


Download these five hooded sweater patterns today and get started knitting your new favorite hooded sweater!

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