My First Garment: The Seashell Tank

One lace doily down and hours of smooth-sailing stockinette to go! If you’ve been following my journey with the Seashell Tank you’ll remember the challenges I was facing with the lace panel. I will definitely take advantage of the lifeline option the next time I tackle a complicated lace project. Thank you all so much for the wonderful suggestions! I finally finished the lace section and am so proud of my square doily!

I was hoping to have it attached to the body by the time this post was due, but sadly, the tiny yarn (this will teach me to knit a garment in laceweight yarn) and small needles means this isn’t the fastest knit. Thankfully, it’s only May, so I’ll still have plenty of time to wear it once I’m done. The slow knitting pace isn’t bothering me, but I am just so excited to complete my very first garment and wear this gorgeous top! I feel like such a grown-up knitter . . . or rather a teenage knitter (when I compare myself to my coworkers).

I need to shout out the yarn, Anzula Breeze, which is a great summer knitting yarn because it’s soft, lightweight, and doesn’t trap heat. The tonal stripes are so pretty, and I keep stopping while I’m knitting to look at the fabric I’m creating. And yes, I am making a black top for summer! Coordinating colors scares me, and black goes with everything.

The Seashell Tank is such a rewarding project to knit and I’ve had a blast making it. Talk about summer knitting at its best! This project is lightweight, portable, and intriguing—the kind of project you want to take out and work on.

Check out knitscene Summer 2018 for more summer garments and a really cool colorblocking story. I already have my eyes on the Sandbar Tank by Anne Jones for my next summer knitting project.

Keep those needles moving,


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