My Favorite Projects from Interweave Knits Fall!

Don’t tell anyone, but I just rummaged through our office to find and share my favorite projects from the upcoming issue of Interweave Knits, Fall 2015. Here are some of my favorites!

This project caught my eye right away. It’s hard to miss the gorgeous, deep blue Squall Line Shawl from Romi Hill. Even if you’ve never worked a lace pattern on both sides of your work before, combining this more advanced pattern stitch with larger needles and a heavier yarn makes this technique more approachable. Also, check out the beautiful applied lace edging on the bottom of the shawl. The intricate lace and cable details might be tedious on such a large project worked in a smaller yarn, but it’s a perfect addition to this fall-weight accessory. (Also, if you think you can resist squishing the soft, cushy Malabrigo Worsted yarn, I don’t believe you!)


Next up is the classic, subtle yoke cable detail of the Tucker Sweater. The broad shoulder area is the perfect place to showcase a beautiful detail like the infinite cable that travels horizontally all the way around the yoke. Again, this is a great project if you are interested in working infinite cables but have little experience with the technique. The bulk of the project is easy peasy stockinette stitch in the round with a little garter stitch at the neck, the cuffs, and the bottom band. This keeps your fabric flat and neat at the edges with a little subtle detail. If you’re all about classic knits with just a little bit of spice, this is your fall sweater.


My last pick is the St. Helier Pullover, a feminine take on the men’s classic gansey sweater. This would be a cool piece to pair with a collared shirt – the crisp collar dresses up this timeless style and helps keep off the chill in the evenings. A little bit of lace, small cables, simple welts, and a faux shirttail detail make this sweater feminine but easy to wear. I can definitely see myself throwing on this piece for a walk after work or wearing around the house with some leggings on the weekend. This sweater is a little longer, so it’s great for those who have a longer torso or want a little more coverage around the bottom. The welt details are super easy (just alternate your knit and purl rows) and make a great cuff – I never would have thought to do that!


I think I need to hide these pieces back where I found them before Hannah wonders where they went.

Happy knitting and preparing for my favorite season: fall!

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