My Favorite Knitting Thing: Ewe Clips

I’m a Valentine’s Day loather. I’ve never been a big fan of superfluous holidays that put additional and unneccesary cost, pressure and stigma into lives already filled with those troubles. So when we all were asked to contribute to a series called “things we love to much we want to marry them” in honor of this infamous holiday I balked.  Then I took a step outside of the theme and thought about the one knitting gadget I have that I couldn’t live without and it occurred to me–Ewe Clips.

Ewe Clips in Action. Picture by Amanda Heider.

We are featuring Ewe Clips in Interweave Knits, Spring 2016, but there is no harm in mentioning them as many times as possible. Ewe Clips are ingenious “point-protectors” for lack of a better term, but they really are project savers. Amanda Heider and her husband Sam came up with these little clips after too many toddler related unravelings occurred to their knitting projects. Off to the hardware store they went one day, did a little experimenting and produced a truly non-slip clip that keeps your needles together and the stitches from ever escaping.

Ewe Clips keeping double-points from traveling. Picture by Amanda Heider.

Handmade by Amanda and Sam, a set of 2 clips retails for $18 and they are worth every penny.

Keeping crochet locked down! Photo by Amanda Heider.

Amanda has also made several hilarious “trailers” and videos for Ewe Clips that you can watch on her YouTube channel, featuring the toddler in question and an innocent sweater left on the couch. The proof is in the preverbal pudding.

I hope you all cherish these little Ewe Clips as much as I do. I certainly wouldn’t want to knit without them, and as for an object I want to marry I might have to give that to my french press.

Until next time–


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