My favorite knitted accessory: The Handbag

I'm a handbag collector. I come by it honestly because my gramma and my mom paved the way for me (and my sister!). Just last week my mom and sister came over and we spread out all of our handbags on my dining room table and held The Big Seasonal Handbag Trade. I honestly don't remember which of us some of those handbags originally belonged to! It's a really fun way to get a new bag for the season, though.

I haven't switched out of my bag yet—I'm still carrying my favorite Coach black bucket bag—but I'm looking forward to changing into my mom's smaller red purse for the spring.

I have just one knitted bag. It's big, brown, felted sling. It gets pretty heavy, but I consider a heavy handbag a workout opportunity. I like to carry this bag it in the winter and as a project bag.

I've actually knitted lots of bags but they've all been gifts so I just have the one, lonely brown bag. All of my handbag knitting projects have been felted, too, so I'm interested in non-felted bags, which are few and far between in our knitting world, but here are three from creative designer Teva Durham; they're all beautiful. I have to choose one, though.

     The first bag is the Leaf Satchel. The leaf motif is so cute and I like the pairing of the nature design with the bamboo handles.

This bag would also be nice with a longer knitted strap so it could be worn over the shoulder.

I think I would knit a two-inch reverse-stockinette strip with a purl turning row and then seam it together to make a double layer, then sew it to the ends of the bag.

The double layer adds structure to the strap but I've also seen single-layer knitted straps lined with grosgrain ribbon. Choose a stripe or contrasting color to add a little color!

The Ripple Purse is a blast from the past. It reminds me of a bag that my mom inherited from her gramma.

It's a chain-mail bag with the same sort of frame Teva used in her Ripple Purse. The bag still lives in my mom's curio cabinet, and it occasionally gets used for a night at the opera!

You can't see it well in the photo, but the frame has a long chain handle.

I've seen the Barrow Bag in person and it is so cool! Teva was inspired by M.C. Escher and Art Deco metalwork grilles.

The Barrow Bag is large, which I like, and the shaping and stitch pattern are really attractive.

I might put a shoulder strap on this bag, too, along with the handles. It's got a wide opening and it needs the stability of those handles to show off the stitch pattern.

I'm inspired to knit a bag for summer, and I hope you are too! Download one of these patterns today and add a handbag to your wardrobe of knitted accessories!


P.S. Which bag would you choose? Leave a comment and let me know.

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