Muy Caliente! The Ojo de Dios Shawl is hot!

Happy New Year! I hope your Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanza holidays were fabulous; mine were wonderful and relaxing. I love spending time with family and friends, especially amongst the festive decorations in of Christmas.

During 2013, I saw a lot of shawl patterns come across my desk, but Ojo de Dios by Vanessa Ewing, from Interweave Knits Winter, has got to be one of my favorites. It's in the top five list, for sure!

Vanessa Ewing's Ojo de Dios Shawl
from Interweave Knits Winter 2014

The southwestern color palette paired with a self-striping yarn is a real winner. The yarn, Gina by Plymouth, creates beautiful effects in the triangle motifs along the bottom, and the garter stitch top of the shawl carries the colors through perfectly.

Ojo de Dios is a crescent-shaped shawl that begins with 17 triangles that form the lower edge.

Each triangle starts with 84 stitches and is quickly decreased down to six stitches. You'll pick up stitches on the first triangle to start the second, and so forth, so there's no seaming the motifs together. Nicely done, Vanessa.

When all of the triangles are knitted, you'll pick up 252 stitches to start the garter-stitch body of the shawl.

That seems like a lot of stitches, but Vanessa instructs you to pick up 28 stitches along each of the nine top edge triangles, which is totally manageable. You can count the stitches after each triangle to make sure you have the correct amount. Easy-peasy.

The Ojo de Dios Shawl diagram. Stitches are picked up
across the top nine triangles, 28 stitches per triangle.
The Ojo de Dios Shawl, front view

The crescent body of the shawl is knit in garter stitch shaped with short-rows. Before you begin the short-rows, though, you work a yarnover row to get those eyelets in place. What a neat detail!

The short-rows are worked starting from the middle 28 stitches, building outward to make the crescent shape. It's deceptively simple, really, and the Ojo packs a huge punch.

I've worked with Plymouth Gina; it's really soft and the colors are deep and beautiful. The color runs are of medium length, so  modular knitting, such as the triangles in the Ojo, is perfect for this yarn.

We had a hunch that this shawl was going to be over-the-top popular, and we were right. So, we've kitted it up for you! I ordered my kit today—get your Ojo de Dios Knitted Shawl Kit before they're all sold out!

Start 2014 out right—treat yourself to this kit and knit up a stunning shawl.


P.S. What do you think of the Ojo de Rios shawl? Tell us if it's in your top five, too?

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