Multicraftual Explorations: True Confessions of a Part-Time Sewist

I think most of us have experimented with a multicraftual lifestyle at one time or another. At first, you’re just a knitter or crocheter, or maybe even a weaver. But that’s it! You’re perfectly content with your chosen craft, and it fulfills all your crafting needs. You have no interest in exploring those “alternative” crafts. Sure, your favorite knitting blogger may crochet on the side, but that’s none of your business, so long as their hooking lifestyle doesn’t become their new focus. Knit and let knit, amiright?

Put the needle down; you don’t need that junk.

However, other crafts have a way of sneaking up on you. You’re admiring someone’s newly finished crocheted afghan on Instagram, and a patchwork pillow in the background catches your eye. You don’t think anything of it at the time, but then you start to notice other quilted things. One of your friends receives a baby quilt at a shower. Your grandma sends you a set of quilted potholders. Little by little, quilting starts insinuating itself into your life. You finally decide that this new craft might be fun to try, and you sign up for a class. Next thing you know, you have a fabric stash competing with your yarn stash, and you’re hanging out in strange non-Ravelry forums.

Like so many of you, I was a die-hard knitter who had little interest in exploring other crafts. Sure, I did some spinning, but that’s knitting-adjacent; it’s just taking knitting one step closer to the source. Knitting was the best! It’s so portable! You can make all the snuggly sweaters! Who needs anything else?

But last year, I started sewing.

There were a number of factors that lead to experimenting with sewing. My mom is a sewist as well; you know how they say it starts in the home. I also blame Fancy Tiger, whose blog is an ongoing source of inspiration. I read it for the knitting articles, I swear! But you can’t see so many gorgeous sewing projects without being a little intrigued.

I learned it from you, Mom!

The final straw was on Instagram. The hashtag #cakewithcashmerette turned up in my feed, and from there I learned about the Curvy Sewing Collective, a blog dedicated to plus-size sewing. As someone who was struggling both with body image issues and uninspiring ready-to-wear clothes, it was a revelation. I could make my own clothes! Awesome, fun clothes! Clothes to fit me!

It was a slippery slope from there. My first project was a wrap dress, which came out surprisingly well. From there, I made a few more dresses and tops. Now sewing is encroaching on my knitting time. I haunt pattern and fabric sales the way I used to stalk yarn. There’s something magical about being able to whip up a garment in a weekend rather than a month.

It’s faster to cut fabric than it is to make the fabric loop by loop.

Knitting will always be my first love, but it’s fun to explore other crafts and try new hobbies from time to time; there’s nothing wrong with being multicraftual. Who knows, maybe there’s room in my life for even more crafts! I did recently receive a loom…

What crafts are you interesting in trying?

Happy exploring,

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