The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Knit

In 1873, naturalist and preservationist John Muir wrote in a letter to his sister: “The mountains are calling and I must go…”

You’re probably familiar with this phrase, which is widely printed on shirts and bags and artful Pinterest Pins. It serves as a call to all of us, to get outside and to find the wild within ourselves. Muir worked to study the American wilderness and to protect it, including his petitioning of Congress to pass the National Park bill, which established Yosemite National Park in 1890.

I am a lover of mountains, myself. I am a hiker and a backpacker and occasional skier, and I am blessed to live along the Front Range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. Interweave is based here, with 14,000-foot peaks in view to the west on clear days.

I am always looking for ways to combine my love of the mountains with my love for knitting, and that love can either be based in function or design. A good warm wool hat for winter hikes? Function. A beautiful cashmere cowl inspired by the peaks and valleys and wildflowers of the Rockies? Design.

May I introduce: The Mountains Between Us Cowl.

While attending TNNA in January, I saw some delightful bundles of cashmere mini-skeins in the Lux Adorna booth and I just fell in love with them. “What do you do with these?” I asked owner Heidi Hennessy. She showed me a chevron cowl design that used the 8 mini-skeins of cashmere in 16 striped sections. I kept thinking about that cowl, and weeks later emailed Heidi to see if she’d develop a custom colorway for Interweave. She was thrilled to comply!

Together we came up with this colorway, which I named The Mountains Between Us. Why? Well, Lux Adorna and Interweave headquarters are separated by the Rocky Mountains. Heidi runs her company in Idaho, which is another incredible mountain state of the American west. Together, we’re proud to bring you the kit for The Mountains Between Us Cowl, which includes 8 mini-skeins of 100% cashmere in a sport weight, as well as the printed pattern for the cowl.

This pattern is simple to work and will delight the senses as you work through the spring hues in a delicious fiber. And because it’s worked in the round, it’s totally reversible.

Order your kit today, while supplies last. The wildflowers aren’t blooming in the high country yet, but that day is coming. Til then, the mountains are calling, and I must knit.


Featured Image: The Maroon Bells, a series of peaks in the Rocky Mountains west of Interweave. iStock | Getty Images

This Cowl Kit is Calling!