You Have Goat to Try This Yarn

Every day, we do things for other people. Our phones buzz with questions or requests or plans, filling up our days with expectations to be met. Our inboxes fill with messages, each one seeming to request something more of us. It seems to be an incoming stream of things we need to get done; and, as the good people many of us hope to be, we don’t mind doing things for others. Knitters are especially fond of doing things for others; often, they spend many hours on projects for other people.

Doing things for others makes us feel fulfilled, but doing things for ourselves is important as well.


The excellent thing about knitting, though, is that the process is something we do for ourselves, even if we give the end product away. The Mountains Between Us Cowl kit provides the means to a process most enjoyable for one reason above all others: cashmere. Yes, the smooth, luxurious yarn for this gorgeous cowl is gratifying just on its own, and even more so when done up into the final product. Cashmere is so enjoyable to work with, it lets us treat ourselves even when the end goal might not be for us. (And if it is for you, double win on your part.)


The Mountains Between Us Cowl Kit includes 8 mini-skeins of Lux Adorna Knits 100% cashmere sportweight yarn and a printed pattern for the cowl. The cowl itself is beautiful, but the cashmere is what has me sold. The fiber is often considered a luxury for a reason: It is soft yet strong, and immensely satisfying to work with. It is also considered a luxury because of its rarity. Cashmere comes from the downy undercoats of cashmere goats. In the winter, cashmere goats grow a fine, dense, downy undercoat to protect them from the harsh cold of the Himalayas where they live. Hair from this undercoat is combed in the spring before it is shed, and that, my friends, is where we get cashmere.


So if you want to treat yourself with an experience that is smooth from start to finish, get your hands on The Mountains Between Us Cowl Kit, and let us know in the comments your favorite part about working the pattern.

Stay smooth,

—Jenna Fear
Editorial Assitant, Handwoven

Header Image: The cashmere goats pictured were raised for their wool in Ordos in Inner Mongolia, northwest China. Photo by Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

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