More Megi! Shawl Knitting Patterns You Love

Megi Burcl’s shawl collection from Knitscene Accessories 2015 is taking the knitting world by storm. I knew it would. What a bunch of wonderful shawls! There are different shapes and sizes in the collection, so something to appeal to everyone’s taste.

Did you know that five of Megi’s shawls are available as kits? I’ve got my yarn for the Beacon Shawl that I spotlighted on Monday, but I’m not done. I must have that kit for the Ship this Shawl pattern. It’s so cute! And I love the yarn choice Megi made, Freia Handpaint. Beautiful, how the ombré-dyed yarn makes gradual transitions.

Ship that Shawl by Megi Burcl

Ship that Shawl by Megi Burcl

Here are the rest of your choices:

The Cait Shawl is available both in the original colorway seen above, and in a beautiful blue version, shown at right.

Megi’s shawl knitting patterns are really something special. I have one of the needles and one on order. How about you? Which one will you knit first (and second . . .)?


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