Missmatch mittsmatch

Just sharing these at the 11th hour as a project to use up leftover yarns or try out new skills or techniques.  These mitts use some of the yarns from my Adele sweater project and incorporate the head of Klimt's portrait of Adele Bloch-Baur along with geometric pattern.

It has taken a couple of attempts to get a fair representation of Adele's head.  It may not to be to everyone's taste and can easily be omitted. The mitt shape and geometric patterning were easy enough to draft.  They are worked on two needles and sewn on the palm side of the hand.

For me personally I have used this as an opportunity to improve intarsia skills for irregular shapes and I am learning from experience about surface patterning.  For instance, repeating two shapes rather than three gives a significantly different look and feel to the pattern regardless of colours chosen.

KnitPicks Palette fingering yarns/4ply and UK14/2mm needles have been used in this particular project provided as an editable spreadsheet called Adlele and beyond.  It is shared so that one may simply copy or what would be more fun is to work your own design.  It is supposed to be a bit of fun and appeal to anyone wanting to tackle intarsia in a small project.

You can get the free mitts pattern here.

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