Merry Christmas, Friends!


This photo is one of our family treasures. I scanned it a couple of years ago and emailed it to my siblings at Christmastime so we could all share the memory of the time I ruined the Christmas picture. Yes, it was a Polaroid, so at least we could retake it and have a good one. Who knows where that one is, though, "The Cough" photo is the one that we've kept. (You can see the tack hole at the top of the photo—I think my mom had this on the family bulletin board.)

In our family we cherish each other for so many reasons, but one of the most important is our senses of humor. My sister is probably the funniest, with her hilarious voices and impersonations. My brother is the  cynic of all cynics, which we all find funny, even though sometimes he doesn't. My mom has so many funny sayings that we've all adopted; many are PG-13, which are some of my favorites. My dad is a jokester— holding up the remote and letting us look at it when we ask, "Can I see the remote?" or driving off just as we're trying to get into the car. I always say I'm the least funny of the family, but my sibs laugh at me all the time, so maybe I'm wrong.

So this Christmas photo isn't really ruined, it's a representation of one of the best characteristics of our family: the ability to find humor in just about everything.

As an aside, we always got to open one present on Christmas Eve and usually it was jammies. Looks like my sister and I got new nighties in 1984 and my brother lucked out with a new sweater. And that big present behind Jeff is a new desk chair for me. It was this really cool folding chair that was red metal with red and white striped fabric. I still used it until a couple of years ago when the fabric finally gave out.

Anyway, I hope you're all having the merriest of Christmases, celebrating with your family and friends and maybe even getting in a little knitting time by the fire.

Ho, ho, ho (or should I say "Ha, ha, ha"?),

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