Meet the Yaks!

We all know that some of our yarn comes from sheep, and even worms (silk), but yaks? You betcha!

The good people at Bijou Basin Ranch raise registered full-blooded Tibetan yaks that have superior glossy coats, perfect for roving, yarn, and yarn blends.

And yak fur makes some of the best yarn. The animals produce a short, fine undercoat that's very soft and is comparable to cashmere or camel.

Meet the yaks from Bijou Basin Ranch:

I used to work at an outdoor activity publisher, and we did a lot of books about climbing in the Himalaya. The yak was so very important to the Tibetans. It provides sustenance in many ways, from food to fiber.

When I use Bijou Spun yarn, I've thought about the yaks stories I've heard; it's so neat that a yarn "ties" two totally different publishing careers together!

I hope you enjoy this peek into the world of the Bijou Basin Ranch and its lovely yaks!


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