Louisa Demmitt


Louisa is an Instructional Designer for Interweave. Previously, she served as assistant editor of Knitscene from 2013 through 2016. Her mother taught her to knit when she was a kid, and her love of crafts of all kind has grown since then (she was raised by a sign maker and a librarian, books and art abounded). She studied art and visual culture in college, focusing on New England folk art (with some time spent in Sweden, learning about the colorful and rich folk art history there…and eating so much delicious food).

Louisa loves colorwork knitting and has gotten way more adventurous with her pattern selections since starting her knit-centric job! She has learned that grafting is cool and short-rows aren’t all that scary when you understand what you’re doing. Louisa has also worked on Knitting Daily TV, and has an exciting new publication in the works!

She attended culinary school and spent several years working as a pastry cook in and around Rhinebeck, New York. Louisa spends a lot of time cooking and baking, keeping her culinary skills sharp.

The Knitscene job required Louisa to leave her east coast home and move to Colorado, a state with which she has fallen in love (the people are amazingly nice and the sunshine is constant). She loves camping, hiking, road tripping, and anything at all that involves tea and books.