Lisa Shroyer

Lisa ShroyerIn her 10+ years at Interweave, Lisa Shroyer has served as editor of knitscene and Interweave Knits magazines, written 3 books and countless blog posts, launched new brands, starred on knitting TV shows, touched a lot of yarn, and served in every role on staff from editorial assistant to editorial director. Currently, she is Content Strategist for Yarn + Fiber, overseeing Interweave’s Knitting, Weaving, Crochet, Spinning, and Needlework content teams.

Lisa really likes knitting; she gives her mother and grandmother credit for teaching her to knit and encouraging her interest in the craft from a young age. “I grew up in playpens in the back of yarn shops; I grew up with a spinning wheel in the living room,” she says. “You turn out a little bit odd when you eat your leftovers in a microwave someone just used to set yarn dye. Odd in a good way.”

Outside her love of knitting, Lisa enjoys hiking, camping, yoga, bread baking, and playing the ukulele. She lives in northern Colorado.